Football Manager 2017: 9 things you need to know

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The new features that make the new version of the game the most authentic yet.
Written by Tom EastPublished on
Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson has revealed the new features that make Football Manager 2017 more realistic than ever before. In a 30-minute YouTube video, the SI gaffer revealed enough new features and improvements to fill a Sky Sports Football Yearbook – so if you want all the info about the new Polish League and increased double-barelled surnames for regens, check out the video below.
We’re just going to focus on the stuff that makes the new game more authentic, such as the new social media feature, improved data analysis and, of course, vanishing spray. With all these exciting new features, you’ll know exactly what it’s like to be the boss of a top football club when Football Manager 2017 is released on November 4. 

1. Social Media is in the game

Social media is a big part of Football Manager 2017. On the new social feed tab, you can see fans and the media sharing their views on your transfer business or your poor form. They even use hashtags. #MoyesOut.
Clubs and competitions can also use social media to announce breaking news, you can see transfer rumours spreading, and video links of great goals will pop up in your feed. 

2. The matches are more realistic

According to Miles Jacobson, Football Manager 2017 boasts the best looking and most intelligent match engine that Sports Interactive have ever created.
As well as improved visuals, there’s a new behind-the-goal camera angle that gives you a better overview of how your team is maintaining their shape. One for budding Guardiolas.
Everything has been designed to make it more like a match day experience, with players coming out of the tunnel and lining up ahead of the pre-match handshakes, before completing their final warm-ups. Refs even have vanishing spray.
When the match starts, the new rule which enables one player to kick off has been incorporated, players injured from a challenge that results in a card can now stay on the pitch to receive treatment, and a foul on the last man isn’t necessarily a sending off.
A screenshot of Football Manager 2017
Vanishing spray is in Football Manager 2017

3. The players are more intelligent

Thanks to Sports Interactive’s work with the Creative Assembly, there are more than 15,000 new animations. This means that goalkeepers can pull off more spectacular saves, and players move more fluidly, enabling them to change direction quicker.
The number of decisions a player can make has been doubled, allowing them to make more split-second decisions, while defenders can adapt according to the opposition they’re facing, dropping deeper when up against quick attackers.
Players position themselves to deal with crosses and corners and react quicker to loose balls, while goalkeepers make better decisions about whether to come for the ball or not.
Off the pitch, the players have more personality as ambition, loyalty, determination and professionalism have a larger bearing on how successful they will be throughout their career. Their attributes will also decline as they approach retirement.

4. There'e more data analysis

Data analysts will give you detailed pre-and post-match reports, looking at tactical trends in your opponents’ previous matches as well as your own performance.
You’ll get more info on players and the team’s overall ability, and you can study your rival manager – what formation his team play, their playing style and mentality.
The partnership with Prozone has enabled further improvements, with heat maps for both sides and screens that illustrate which style of play and formation was more effective. You can now see where possession was gained and lost and where individual touches of the ball were made.

5. You have a sports scientist

As well as a data analyst, you can have a sports scientist on your staff who will support your medical team to help reduce the chance of recurring injuries.
A screenshot of Football Manager 2017
Football Manager 2017's new camera angle

6. More realistic transfer negotiations

Players and agents have more power than ever before. They’ll hold out for better offers and will go back and forth between clubs to get the best deal. However, you can have a pre-contract conversation with a player, giving you the chance to sell your club to them.
As in real life, transfer sagas can play out for the duration of an entire transfer window, and journalists will approach you looking for a scoop for their editor. 
Players in your squad can also approach you and tell you that they want to join a specific club, even if another club has come in with a better offer. They may even give an exclusive interview with the local media to force your hand if they’re unhappy.

7. Improved press conferences

You will be asked more questions in Football Manager 2017's press conferences, and thanks to social media. your answers will be more scrutinised more than ever before. So you’ll need to think carefully before answering questions about match events, transfers, player happiness and injuries.

8. You’re the boss

You really are your own man in Football Manager 2017 as you can load a picture of yourself into the game which will be used to create your own manager avatar. You can even choose to be a suit or tracksuit manager.
Then it’s up to you to improve your reputation. You can’t expect to go from the Sunday League to managing Man City in the new FM as you won’t get picked up by a big club until you’ve had a lot of success.

9. Dealing with the board

Once you’re in the hot seat, you need to work closely with the board. They will speak to you more often than ever before to discuss contract offers, budget adjustments and changes to the size of staff.
Sugardaddies also operate operate more realistically, changing the investment they put into the club when moving up or down divisions, while there are those owners who take over a debt-ridden club with good prospects - they will expect a loan to be repaid when you move up divisions, and take profit out of the club.