Everything you need to know about Frostfang Barioth in Monster Hunter World

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Running low on event tickets for Frostfang Barioth armor? We’ve asked Monster Hunter YouTuber SuperRADIKAHL to tell us everything we need to know in order to take down the nimble beast.
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Frostfang Barioth has arrived in Monster Hunter: World, coming in as a new beast to overcome in the name of acquiring sweet armor sets. It’s the most recent update of the game’s Summer/Fall 2020 roadmap for the Iceborne expansion. For anyone who has lapsed since MHW came out in 2018, the Iceborne update, which dropped in 2019, saw a flock of Legiana mass-migrating beyond the sea. Of course, the commission had to investigate this, and tracked them to a polar region known as Hoarfrost Reach.
The new locale brings new experiences and challenges to potential hunters and experienced hunters, like YouTuber Kyle “Super RADIKAHL” Gardner, have been diving into and exploring each update as they roll out. For those of you looking to hop back in, having trouble with the hunt, or just wanting to know more about the beast, we asked him all about the new hunt. Here’s everything you need to know about Frostfang Barioth in Monster Hunter: World.

It’s a Variant

Monster Hunter is a game about discovery. Finding new monsters is all well and good but, the longer you play, the more different versions of previously discovered monsters you’ll unearth. You may have hunted more than your share of Barioth’s over the years, but you’ve never hunted one like the Frostfang Barioth. When Capcom put out the trailer for Alatreon in July, there was speculation that the subsequent update would have a Variant of the Barioth.
“A Variant is a specific type of subspecies and this was Frostfang Barioth. Everybody was really excited for that because, when they showed the Alatreon trailer, they kind of hinted at what the next monster was going to be. They usually do that when they reveal a monster. Everybody could kind of tell it was Barioth, but we all thought it was this other version of it from another non-mainline game [in the series]. But then it turned out to be its own Variant,” says SuperRADIKAHL.
If you’re a fledgling hunter wondering what’s the big deal with Variants, it’s important to keep in mind that the ecosystem of Monster Hunter contains many species and subspecies. Part of what makes Monster Hunter so exciting is the series’ reverence for nature and its evolution. In Monster Hunter, there are the base species we know and love and there are various offshoots.
Subspecies are Monsters that grew up in different climates and evolved a new look or maybe some new abilities because of it. Rare Species, by luck of the genetic draw, have become very unique looking and powerful. Variants, however, are far more interesting because they didn’t evolve over generations to become how they are. Life just kind of… happened to them, and changed them.
Other games in the series have a slew of their own monster categorizations like Deviants and Zenith species, but Species, Subspecies, Rare Species, and Variants are the most commonly used. Canonically, there’s usually little to no information on a Variant, so prospective hunters must be wary since this Barioth is unlike any before it.
“It's been in the tundra for so long. It's so old that its fur has gotten longer and thicker. Its fangs have frosted over and they have this blue to white gradient now, almost as if they're ice because they're all frosted over. Its skin is less colourful. It's more like, completely white,” describes SuperRADIKAHL.

What to bring

Frostfang Barioth is an event quest, so you better hunt it as quick and efficiently as possible since, who knows when it’ll be back? Sure, you can grind monster research and learn everything there is to know about the beast, but that would require actually going out into Hoarfrost Reach and surveying them yourself. Reading these tips beforehand is much easier.
It's an ice-based monster so, if you have a high fire damage elemental weapon, you would probably do very well to bring it with you.
You don’t have to always play the elemental game, though. Frostfang Barioth has a 3 star weakness to Fire Damage, 2 star thunder weakness, and 1 star dragon weakness. Depending on your build, you could consider those elements, or do what SuperRADIKAHL did and just blow everything up.
“The thing about [Monster Hunter] World is, their balancing is only okay. There's a status element weapon type called blast, and blast weapons are extremely powerful. They're very high raw damage and then, as you're dealing damage, eventually an explosion will go off and it'll do an exceptional amount of damage. I personally brought a blast weapon with me because they are very effective for every monster.”
As for defending yourself while you’re blasting everything in sight, don’t stress too much if you haven’t crafted a set of high ice resistance armor. Defense is king in Monster Hunter World. While ice resistance is nice to have for a hunt like this, more important are the skills attached to the armor. As long as you’ve got a high defense set of endgame armor with a variety of skills that boost your DPS, you’ll be more than ready to face the monster.
Hoarfrost Reach is cold, and Frostfang Barioth can deal ice blight, so staying warm is going to be a key part of this battle. Hot drinks and energy drinks are absolutely necessary to keep your stamina up while traipsing around in the elements. Hot drinks will keep your stamina from depleting because of cold while the energy drink lets you sprint forever, which will be clutch when the Frostfang Barioth is trying to hem you in.
Nullberries will get rid of ice blight, so keep a couple of those in your satchel and bring some mantles as well. SuperRADIKAHL recommends the temporal mantle and rocksteady mantle. Temporal Mantle will allow you to automatically dodge, while rocksteady mantle will keep you from being knocked away while you’re up close trying to deal damage to the monster’s head (more on that in a second).

How to actually fight it

Once you’ve tracked it to where you plan to do battle, the fight itself is a pretty exciting one. It's susceptible to all ailments so bringing a poison, sleep, or paralysis weapon will work. Sleep and Paralysis will be your best friends because, first off, Frostfang Barioth is pretty mobile and your giant weapon toting hunter is not, so you’ll want to keep it from jumping around. Secondly, if you can you can put it to sleep or paralyze it, you can target its head (pitfall traps are great for this too!).
“One of the weak points is its head. One of the most effective weapons for its head would be the hammer because you want to deal impact damage into those fangs and break them,” says SuperRADIKAHL who also pointed out that breaking the fangs limits Frostfang Barioth’s ability to use frost moves and also gives you a higher chance to get fangs as loot which will be useful for crafting an equipment set later on.
It’s also important to remember that this monster has two fangs, meaning you can break its head twice, disabling the frosty breath it uses to set up little ice patches that limit your movement. Going up against the Frostfang Barioth can feel like it’s hunting you instead of the way around, but SuperRADIKAHL says that’s one of the best parts of the fight.
“It's really cool watching it have all these abilities to slow you down so that it can just wipe the floor with you. It has forward ice breath where, instead of just spraying it immediately on the ground, it'll spray in a forward line. What I thought was really cool about that ability wasn't just the ability by itself. I noticed it spewed one line to my right one to my left and I was like, ‘okay, I'm trapped’. Then it has the forward iceball move it just tosses at you. So you really get this weird, exhilarating feeling with this monster where it's just, like, trapping you and preying on you. I thought that was so cool.”
When not boxing you in with its forward ice breath, its downward ice breath sets up spiky patches which do high damage and slow the hunter. Its also got a paw slam as well as a hip check which, along with the forward ice ball, are fairly telegraphed. If you see it inhale a bunch of air or stancing up to throw a hip check? MOVE.
In addition to defanging it, try to slice off its tail and break its wings to limit the attacks it can throw out. You’re not going to do any of that quickly but, chances are, you’ll be fighting it for a while, so you’ve got time to whittle down all of its appendages. Also try to use the environment as best you can.
While there aren’t any immediately obvious environmental hazards you can use, depending on where the fight goes, you’ll be able to use ledges and slopes to launch yourself onto its back for a mount and topple. Frostfang Barioth can also get into turf wars with native Ebony Odogarons and Banbaros, which will give you a moment of reprieve while its attention is elsewhere.

It’s got some great loot

You’re only hunting this thing for the loot and, luckily, the equipment you can craft is absolutely worth the headache (have you SEEN the Palico armor?). If you aim to hunt it about 8-10 times, that should give you everything you need to craft a robust set (unless you’ve got absolutely garbage luck). Breaking different body parts gives you better chances for certain drops so, as long you’ve followed this guide’s tips, you won’t need to turn hunting Frostfang Barioth into a full-time job.
The main draw here is the weapon you’ll eventually get to craft. Weapons made from Frostfang Barioth materials are extremely easy to make, have high affinity, come with purple level sharpness and are among the best elemental weapons in the game right now. This is good news for people who were frustrated by Monster Hunter’s July Update which introduced Alatreon.
“Alatreon, the fight everyone is losing their minds over, is one of the only fights where an elemental weapon is really required because he has a move where, if you have not done enough elemental damage to him, he will just kill you. That's it. People were really upset,” says SuperRADIKAHL about the controversial monster whose recent addition caused a lot of online conversation.
“What's nice is that, now, you can actually go out and you can fight this Frostfang Barioth, get his weapon, and then have a really good elemental weapon to bring into that Alatreon fight if you want. Now you have the potential to get the Alatreon armor and weapons. It's made it a little bit easier.”

What’s next?

Once you’ve felled the Frostfang, you don’t have to sit idly by while you wait for the event to return (hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, Capcom!) as things will keep moving towards the next update. Layered Master Rank armor is coming to the game, which will be huge for players who love the look of the Frostfang Barioth armor, but want to go with a different kit for other fights.
On top of that, title update 5 will have fall seasonal events and a returning monster. While there are hints as to its identity, no one knows for sure, but Super RADIKAHL knows what he’s hoping for.
“Almost everybody thinks that it's going to be Fatalis, who is an iconic Black Elder Dragon. It’s been in the game since the beginning has had these crazy fights and multiple subspecies. The thing about him is that he's weak to dragon and fire elements, so I don't think Barioth’s armor set will be a huge contributing factor going into that fight,” says Super RADIKAHL, who thinks Fatalis’ addition would be a great way to cap off the current Iceborne roadmap.
“To have a really hard elder dragon fight leading into like a slightly easier, normal monster fight, and then going into what is potentially Fatalis is like a roller coaster. Up and down, you know? A little breathing room before potentially getting Fatalis, which is an insane monster. I'm really excited for that.”