Competitors take on a rowing challenge during a HYROX fitness event

HYROX is coming to Ireland: here's what you need to know

With HYROX bringing its popular endurance fitness event to Dublin on 16th and 17th of November, get up to speed with how the World Champs do it.
Written by Trevor Henry/Red Bull staff
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It’s been a big year for HYROX, with over 90,000 people taking part in races across 14 different countries and a memorable World Championship final. But, if you’ve never seen the sport before, it might look a little confusing...
Nothing short of a phenomenon, this incredibly popular endurance fitness series is now heading to Dublin, where racers of all abilities can partake in the unique experience.
So, ahead of the HYROX event to land on Irish shores, which comes to Royal Dublin Society at 8.00am on Saturday 16th of Novembertickets are available now ; or snap up spectator tickets for €10 by clicking here — it's a good time to get acquainted with one of the fastest growing fitness events on earth.

What is HYROX?

A detailed list of the HYROX race format showing all the movements that competitors have to do between each of the eight one-kilometer runs.

The HYROX race format remains the same at each event


HYROX is a sport for everyone. It combines traditional endurance disciplines with lots of running, and what are called 'functional movements' – i.e. stuff you might do in the gym – to create the ultimate fitness race.
Athletes must complete 8 x 1km runs, and a functional workout between each one. The format of the race never changes, and it is repeated in large indoor arenas across the globe.

What are the different HYROX race categories?

Anyone can take part. There are 4 different categories you can compete in:
  • Individual Open - Complete the race yourself with the standard weights
  • Pairs - Complete the race with a partner, you both do the runs and you share the workouts
  • Relay - Complete the race in a team of four; each person completes two runs and two workouts
  • Individual Pro - Complete the race yourself with heavier weights and fight for your spot in the Elite 15
  • Elite 15 – see below

How the HYROX Elite15 works

Hyrox World Championships 2023

Hyrox World Championships 2023

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Across the year, every person who competes in the Individual Pro race has a time logged that is entered into a global leaderboard. This leaderboard identifies the Elite 15 who are the athletes that have recorded the fastest 15 times in the Individual Pro categories throughout the season.
See the Current Standings here.

Elite Races & World Championship Qualifying

Once an athlete has secured their Elite 15 position, they are in a position to receive an invite to the Elite Race series. These are invitational races that provide the opportunity for professional HYROX athletes to compete at the top level and earn prize money as well ‘Elite Champion' titles.
This year there were three Elite races: two Regional Championships; the European Championships held in Maastricht and the North American Championships held in Chicago. The podium winners of these events also secured automatic qualification to the final elite race of the year, the World Championships, which took place in Manchester, UK.
Watched on by 5,000 fans inside Manchester's Conference Centre between 26-27 May, reigning champ Hunter McIntyre cemented his dominance by winning the male championship once more, while Lauren Weeks took the honours in the women's championship, which she last won in 2021.
In 2024, the World Championship will take place in Nice, France.

Who are the best HYROX athletes

If you're looking for inspiration ahead of HYROX's first ever event on Irish soil, it's probably not going to be your mate at the gym, no matter how much he lifts.
You need brain to go with the brawn, so why not take some cues from the fittest, fastest HYROX athletes in the world. And here are guys and girls on the scene worth keeping an eye on...


Hunter McIntyre

Hunter McIntyre


Known as 'The Sheriff', Hunter is the most recognisable name in the sport and perennially a race favourite. In Manchester in mid-2023 he added to his iconic legacy by regaining his world championship in front of 5,000 fans with a 00:56:40 time. He's also a world record holder courtesy of his blistering 54.07 run in Barcelona in 2023. Hunter’s combination of physical capacity and determination to win makes him a fearsome competitor. If everything clicks on the day, it’s his race to lose.
HYROX athlete Ryan Kent

Ryan Kent


Kent is a formidable athlete, one of the last athletes to beat McIntyre (in a race at the US National Championships last year) he’s got all the makings of a champion. Kent arrives in the UK having hit form at the right end of the season, running a PB 56.52 in Houston 2023. He is one of only three athletes to qualify for the Elite 15 via a race held in the US.
HYROX athlete Michael Sandbach

Michael Sandbach


One of the most consistent athletes in the field this year, Michael qualified for the Elite 15 automatically following 3rd-place finishes in the European and US Championships. Notoriously fast out the blocks and strong on the sleds, for Sandbach to take the next step and win, he must show a well-managed strategy for the latter stage of the race where he has been caught in the past. Finished 10th in Manchester (01:00:30).
HYROX athlete Graham Halliday

Graham Halliday


The UK’s second athlete in the Elite 15 was relatively unknown coming into this year and has impressed with successive sub-60-minute performances at Glasgow (57.53) and Hannover (57.35). To break into the Elite 15 in his first year competing is extremely impressive. He finished an impressive fifth (58:41) at 2023's World Championships in Manchester.
HYROX athlete Alexander Roncevich

Alexander Roncevich


Often referred to as the most consistent HYROX athlete of all time, Alexander won the European Championships this year in Maastricht with a time of 57.26. This was his first elite competition win, having podiumed multiple times in the past. An all-round athlete with fast run times and no weaknesses in the workouts, he’s the name most elites will mention when you ask who they are looking over their shoulder at. Narrowly lost out to McIntyre in 2023's World Championships with a nonetheless impressive time of 00:57:35, placing second overall.


HYROX athlete Lauren Weeks

Lauren Weeks


HYROX royalty Lauren raced at 2022's World Championships while six months pregnant and finished 9th with 1.13.00. An incredible achievement. She subsequently returned to competition this year and immediately qualified for the European Championships which she won in 1.01.00, and of course, in Manchester back in May of this year, she reclaimed the world title she had last won in 2021 with a time of 00:59:51. One of the most respected athletes in the field – and one of the nicest people off it – she's already close to GOAT status.
Megan Jacoby

Megan Jacoby


A former collegiate track and field athlete with a serious pedigree, Megan is the current world record holder. She's also the first woman to break the 60-minute barrier, running a 58.58 in Anaheim late in the season. She is also super consistent, grabbing 2nd place in the European and North American championships this year and twice running an extra lap. If she can keep her focus and execute the race without mistakes, the sky's the limit. Finished second behind her main rival Weeks at the 2023 World Champs (01:00:23) and will be looking to go one better in 2024.
HYROX athlete Mirjam Von Rohr

Mirjam Von Rohr


One of the youngest athletes in the women’s field, Mirjam qualifies with a time of 1.02.00 and is a firm contender for the podium. She is highly likely to win the strength portions of the competitions (sledge push and pull) but is not one of the quickest runners, so she will have to make up time across the workout portions in the hope of challenging her opponents.
Linda Meier

Linda Meier


A former world record holder, Meier qualified for the 2023 World Championships with a time of 01.02.23. In previous years this would have been a record-setting time, but the WR has changed hands an incredible four times during the season. One of the best runners in the field, and one of the most experienced heads, you can expect to see a measured race with a calculated approach to risk-taking whenever she's out there.
Kris Rugloski

Kris Rugloski


Last year's World Champion wasn't able to hold her title in 2023, but did a good job trying. Qualifying for the Las Vegas race as a lower seed she stood up to the occasion to take the win. This year she qualified for the World Champs with a best time of 1.05.33 which she ran in Dallas. She'd leave Manchester with a season-best time of 01:05:05, even if it ultimately left her adrift with a 7th place standing. One of the strongest minds in the field, Kris always believe she can win and will draw from her expert knowledge when the going gets tough.

What should I expect in Dublin?

Racers of all kinds and levels will be present at the HYROX event, which will be held at Royal Dublin society from 8.00am on Saturday 16th of November. Each category starts with a 1 km run, followed by one functional movement and repeats eight times.