Lewis Capaldi's 5 funniest moments

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Written by Lauren Murphy
The 'Someone You Loved' singer has proven himself quite the comedian on social media - here are his best moments to date
Whether you're a fan of his music or not – and let's face it, 'Someone You Loved' has been pretty inescapable in 2019 – you cannot deny that Lewis Capaldi seems like an absolutely stand-up kinda guy.
In fact, the young Scotsman and his ability to a) poke fun at himself and b) take the mick out of the music industry in general has well and truly won him a place in our hearts. His lovelorn, emotional songs are certainly at odds with his non-musical personality – but we're okay with that. And if music doesn't work out, he 100% has a career in comedy ahead of him.
On that note, below you'll find five of his best moments, both on- and off-stage – but not necessarily relating to his songs...

1. His Glastonbury response to Noel Gallagher slagging him off

Is Noel Gallagher worried about losing his crown as The Funniest Man in Music (TM)? His jibes at Lewis Capaldi would suggest that he's feeling threatened. It all began when a clip of the former Oasis man asking who Capaldi was gained serious traction online; the Scottish singer responded by walking on stage at Glastonbury wearing a parka, bucket hat and Noel Gallagher t-shirt, over a looped video of Gallagher asking 'Who's this Capaldi fella?' He later went on to call him 'Chewbacca', but it looks like the pair have since kissed and made up. Put them on the next Glasto bill as a double act, we say.

2. His acceptance speech for 'the UK's fastest-selling album of 2019' award

As acceptance speeches go, this is up there with the best of 'em. When his album 'Divinely Uninspired to A Hellish Extent' debuted at number one and became the UK's fastest-selling album of the year, the Official Charts company honoured the achievement with an award. His amusing take on the whole thing was a breath of fresh air, compared to the usual polite 'I want to thank my mum, record label, god', nonsense we usually hear in such scenarios.

3. The billboard in the London Underground advertising his album

Some credit has to go to the marketing department of Capaldi's record label for this one, admittedly – but it's still very funny. A somewhat (!) unflattering photo of the musician, hair wrapped in a towel and tinted sunglasses on, made its way onto a billboard on the London Underground. Precious about his public image? Never. “The Scottish Beyonce”, indeed.

4. That time he had to go out and buy a toilet plunger in Hollywood

In his own incredulous words: “Who builds a toilet in a hotel room that can't handle two or three wipes of an arse?” While on a trip to Los Angeles earlier this year, the young Capaldi was faced with a dilemma: leave his fancy Hollywood hotel room toilet in a proper state and risk the cleaners 'talking', or go out and buy something to unclog it. His trip to the local shop to buy a toilet brush was documented in painstakingly hilarious detail on his Instagram stories. If you can't laugh at yourself, etc...

5. When he discovered how much money he is supposedly worth

One of the reasons we love Lewis Capaldi so much is that he's incredibly relatable; his Instagram stories uncovering the ludicrousness of the music industry are bang on point. One of them, in which he reveals how nonsensical those 'estimated worth' reports really are, was particularly brilliant. “You mean to tell me I've been kicking about in the same clothes for six months, and there's ten f**king million quid sitting about somewhere?” he deadpans. “Where the f**k is it?” We're sure his New York wallpaper is lovely, though.
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