Meet the Neymar Jr's Five 2017 Finalists!

Written by Red Bull Ireland
One epic location, 2 National Finals and two teams heading to Brazil - this was the Neymar Jr's Five Ireland and Northern Ireland National Finals!
The Titanic Slipways set the scene for two National Finals of Neymar Jr's Five, with Ireland and Northern Ireland's best five-a-side teams playing for the chance to represent their country at the World Final in Praia Grande in Brazil.
Whoyaplayin'? took a break from their university finals to take part in a very different final and the hard work paid off as they beat Goats 1 5-0 to win themselves that coveted place at the World Final representing Ireland!
It feels absolutely unbelievable to win! We went into the tournament with the aim to win the whole thing. We just kept focused until the end and the team kept it together the whole way through to produce the result!
David Lynch, Whoyaplayin'?
Team Distillery Elites are no strangers to Brazil having won the Northern Ireland Final last year and they managed to do it again this year. They beat Ulimitatey 3-0 in a heated final to reclaim their title as Northern Ireland's best five-a-side team!
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Neymar Jr's Five National Final highlights
Naill, David, Lorcan, Paudie, Eoin, Gavin and Jon of Whoyaplayin' will join Distillery Elite's Darius, Chris, Artur, Guillaume Daniel, Thomas and Conor, along with teams from 35 other countries, in Neymar Jr's hometown of Praia Grande, Brazil on the 8th July in the hope of becoming the World Champions.
I'm so proud of the whole team and just can't believe we're going to Brazil again!
Darius Roohi, Distillery Elites
After qualifiers at venues all across Ireland and Northern Ireland, 4 of the countries' best teams showed up at Belfast's Titanic Slipways to show off their skills and battle it out for the title of National Champion. 
Neymar Jr’s Five is a footballing tournament devised by Neymar Jr and Red Bull, which gives a special twist to five-a-side football: each time loses a player evertime they concede a goal until one team has no players left, or the 10 minute game ends.
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