10 tips to help claim your first PUBG victory on Xbox One

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Take on board these tips and you’ll be enjoying your victory prize of chicken dinner, from the first time you drop into Erangel on the Xbox One.
Written by Mike StubbsPublished on
After months of waiting, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has finally landed on the Xbox One. Now, console owners can join their PC counterparts and explore Erangel, loot to their heart's content and, of course, fight for that elusive chicken dinner. The first win will take skill, good aim and a little bit of luck, and sometimes you end up out of a match through seemingly no fault of your own. After all, there isn’t much you can do against an 8x AWM that’s 700m away.
Getting that first win is no easy task, believe us. We spent hours on PUBG before we got our hands on that chicken and it can be monumentally frustrating making it to the top 10 just to fall at the final hurdle. Fortunately we’ve now overcome that challenge and returned with great tales of clutch wins and, perhaps more importantly, a load of advice on how to make sure you claim that all-important victory as soon as possible. Here are 10 tips that we’ve found very useful when playing for the win.

1. Head for high loot areas such as Mylta Power, Shelter and Georgopol

Good loot wins games. That isn’t always true, but if you have a silenced Kar98k with an 8x scope you have a way better chance than someone running around with a pistol, so going to a place with high loot is a great shout. Along with the places listed above the likes of Pochinki, Primorsk, Military Base, Novorepnoye and, weirdly, Stabler all have high loot chances. Drop here and you’re almost guaranteed to find a few good weapons and other loot.

2. But avoid School at all costs

School is another high loot area and its position directly in the middle of the map makes it seem attractive because it’s often in the first circle or two. But if you really want to win then avoid it at all costs. School is the deathmatch area for PUBG, and landing here will almost always end with a massive brawl where only one person or squad makes it past the first two minutes.

3. Memorise the high-chance vehicle spawns

Take a look at the interactive PUBG map and you’ll see 15 or so high-chance vehicle spawns. Memorise where these are, as you’ll need them sooner or later. Eventually you’ll get screwed by the circle and have to trek to the other side of the map, and without a vehicle that won’t be easy. Your best bet is always to head to one of these and take a look, as the other 350 spawn locations are pretty low chances. Also note that between Pochinki and Quarry there’s only one low-chance vehicle spawn.

4. Holster your weapon to run faster

If you don’t manage to find a vehicle and can feel the circle closing in on you then you should hold down the Y button to holster your weapon. While this does mean you won't be as effective in fights, it allows you to sprint a little faster, potentially saving you from the blue zone and keeping you alive. This is really only useful when on a long run to the circle, and when you know you’re alone, because you’re in deep trouble if a fight breaks out.
A screenshot of a player dropping onto the map
Drop locations are key to success

5. Change your firing mode

The D-Pad is actually super useful in PUBG, as pressing left on it will change the fire mode of your weapon. Not all of them have more than one setting, but the ARs and SMGs will all let you fire in single mode and then either burst or full auto, or sometimes all three. Have a play around and find what setting you like for each weapon, but remember to switch as soon as you pick one up, as getting caught with a Micro Uzi in single fire mode is not going to go well.

6. Suppressors are the best attachment in the game

Sound is key for doing well in PUBG, so don’t go listening to any podcasts or bangin’ tunes while you’re playing. This also means that anything that keeps you quiet is incredibly useful, and that’s where suppressors come in. They reduce your fire sound massively and make it pretty much impossible to track where you are without a clear line of sight. They really are the MVP attachment and having one will make the later stages a lot easier.

7. Ballistic Masks are cosmetic only, stick to the helmets

We’ll admit that it took us a good 20 hours to realise this. Ballistic Masks are purely cosmetic and, despite the name, will not block any incoming damage like a helmet will. Unless you really want to be seen wearing one you can leave them on the ground and stick to Motorcycle, Army and Spetsnaz helmets. The same goes for all the clothing pick ups, ignore them unless they are a level one, two or three vest as they do nothing but make you look good.

8. Use free look a lot and remember to lean

Want to continue to run North but look directly East? Then use free look by holding down RB. This will let you see all around you in third person, and to your right and left in first person, while keeping you moving in the same direction. It’s super-useful for scouting and should be used all the time. Slightly less useful but still important is leaning from side to side, by pressing in one of the sticks and aiming. This allows you to poke just you head around cover to see what is going on but not expose your whole body, making you much harder to hit.

9. Always boost up in the late game

If it’s down to the final 15 or so people and you have some to spare, it is always worth popping an energy drink or painkillers to get that boost going. Having constant health regen is always nice if you take a bit of damage, and in a close fight that one extra kick could be enough to give you the win. It’ll also give you a slight speed increase to make getting to the circle easier. There really is no reason to keep hold of them, as the last few fights often play out very quickly, with little time to med up.

10. Stay out of the grass

Trees, rocks, ditches and literally any other part of the environment are better cover than the grass. Sure, to you it looks like you're at one with the meadows and will never be seen, but to old matey on the other hill with an 8x you look like a fool crawling along a green hill. This is because the grass stops being visible after a certain distance, so anyone with a decent scope will spot you straight away, with no grass to cover you. This also means that going prone when shots come in is a bad idea, as you have no cover and are an easier target to hit.