Road Rash

Five of the best motorcycle racing games

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There’s been some great motorcycle games down the years, and we’ve picked out our favourites.

So Valentino Rossi's got a new game dedicated all to himself, and in the wake of the recent release of Valentino Rossi The Game, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and pick a selection of the most enjoyable two-wheeled racing games we've played in our time.

Road Rash (1991)

Classified under the 'vehicular combat' genre, Road Rash's release in 1991 signalled the dawn of a new era of all-out, win-at-all-costs video gaming for bike fans. Not satisfied with just overtaking your rivals? You can hit them on the way past in this one.

MXGP 2 (2016)

Whip and scrub your way around the Motocross World Championship in this game, which is another incredible gameplay experience. The attention to detail alone makes it a pleasure to play.

Trials Evolution (2012)

An all-round hit on its release, Trials Evolution is perhaps the most outright fun game on this list. Its versatility, coupled with excellent gameplay, has won it a legion of fans.

Hang-On (1985)

This arcade game, developed by Sega, was one of the first arcade games to use 16-bit graphics. It also had a motion-controlled arcade cabinet, meaning gamers could hang off a mocked-up motorcycle while playing. So much fun.

MotoGP 15 (2015)

The latest instalment in MotoGP's officially licensed series has elevated the genre to new heights. Mixed reviews greeted its release, but one thing can't be denied – it's pretty realistic. Although hard to master (for the average gamer), it's a hugely satisfying moment when you complete a full race. If you ever make it that far!