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Trap Dancehall- The Next Level

Trap Dancehall- The Next Level
Written by Danielle Howe
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Trap Dancehall Creator
In 1970 when dancehall was born no one thought that the genre would grow the way it has. Dancehall is a natural progression from Reggae the indigenous music from Jamaica. Known as the minority genre Dancehall has faced numerous critiques over the years and is still a great debate for its acceptance as a genre. Artistes such as Drake, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled and Beyonce have been credited for using the sound in their music.
When we sat down with Baker Steez we were intrigued with this Jamaican’s take on the genre. Steez took his influence from living in Florida and paired it with his love for dancehall and paired the two creating his own unique style he’s referred to as “Trap Dancehall” Let’s not be confused- to the untrained ear Trap Dancehall sounds a lot like Grime Music which originated in the UK. Grime is becoming increasingly popular with it being used in a lot more commercial aspects bringing this underground style to the forefront. Trap Dancehall has longer beats and hooks than Trap music, and with a hook, it moves from hardcore Dancehall which traditionally has no hook.
Travelling between Jamaica and Florida Baker Steez’s lyrics integrate Jamaican slang with the trap style of writing. His sound- Lit, unique and wavy. He never envisioned himself doing anything but the arts and began directing music videos before getting in a booth. His signature sound would only be possible if his beats were made for him so that he could merge the two genres in a good way. Steez credits his producer King Benjamin with being the backbone to his style. His relationship with his producer allowed the term “Trap Dancehall” to be a thing.
The next move
Thinking of a master plan
Steez, as he’s affectionately called, is inspired by the rapper Future and hopes one day to collaborate with him. His track latest track Imagine features Dancehall artiste Konshens. The song is set to be released soon with much anticipation. However TopMan accurately describes the confidence that Steez exudes as he’ s in the studio describing his music.
Kush and Kologne
Kush and Kologne
Dancehall will keep evolving- the birth of hip-hop, Grime and now Trap Dancehall shows us that the genre isn’t done yet. The recent collaboration with Popcaan and Gorrilaz exposes the genre to a new audience and fuses the music with another genre.
Where to next Dancehall?
Tattoos and Smoke
Neck Tattoos
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