Here are the best recruits to look out for in Watch Dogs Legion

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These recruits will help you infiltrate, attack, and get away from even the trickiest locations
Written by Vikki BlakePublished on
Ubisoft has spared no expense hyping up its play-as-anyone mechanic in Watch Dogs Legion, and now it's here, it turns out it delivers exactly what's on the tin. Every single character you see on screen - whether they're having a pint in their local or simply walking to work - can be recruited to join the DedSec ranks and work as an undercover operative.
That said, from the moment the game kicks off, you'll see just how spoilt for choice you'll be. With so many different combinations of perks and gadgets and so many potential recruits, how do you prioritise the benefits of one recruit over another?
Well, funny you should ask that… read on for Red Bull's guide to the best recruits to get on-side in Watch Dogs Legion.

A construction worker with a cargo drone

Watch Dogs Legion construction worker
Nabbing a construction worker is essential if you want to explore
You'll be required to recruit a construction worker as part of Legion's early story campaign, but it never hurts to have an extra one or two in the ranks, too, particularly if you're playing with permadeath on. Cargo drones – massive machines that transport goods across the city – are a handy transportation device for you, too, letting you cover large areas quickly and without hassle. They're also great for getting you up high for those all-important collectibles like Tech Points.
That's not all, though. You'll find plenty of missions require you to break into construction sites, too, and characters with uniformed access can move about a little more freely than those in civvies. While not without its problems – you can't always run or go into cover if you're wearing a uniform, and suspicious enemies will spot you regardless of your clothes if you get too close – it's a great way to get around.

A lawyer

Watch Dogs Legion lawyer
Recruiting a lawyer will mean your other recruits spend less time in jail
Let's face it – DedSec might think its intentions are honourable, but it's not exactly operating within the confines of the law, is it? This means you might occasionally need a little help to spring operatives who've fallen afoul of the rules.
Getting an operative with legal skills can drastically cut the amount of time your arrested colleagues stay in the slammer, so look out for characters with the Bail Out perk. Again, if you're playing with permadeath on, make sure you have more than one to ensure there's always someone on duty to pop down to the police station and plead a case for your pal in jail.

An Albion worker

Watch Dogs Legion Albion worker
Getting an Albion worker on side will allow you to sneak into new areas
You'll spend a ridiculous amount of time taking on Albion employees, members of an elite security agency that get away with just about anything and insist it was for the greater good. With so many gadgets keeping their locations secure - including turrets, security gates, and drones - playing as an Albion worker can get you into buildings much easier than those in civilian clothing, so make a point of recruiting these as early on as you can.
It won't be easy, mind. Besides the one you'll unlock through the campaign missions, most oppose DedSec in all its forms, but you might get lucky if you've unlocked the Deep Profiler upgrade that offers more details on how best to get them fighting for you instead of against you. Just don't get too close to the enemy - even with the right clothes on, they'll grow suspicious if they get a good look at you.

A Clan Kelley member

Watch Dogs Legion Clan Kelley recruit
Recruit a Clan Kelley member and sneak into their strongholds
The more you'll learn about Clan Kelley, the more uneasy you'll be. Brutal and uncompromising they're a formidable foe, which means it'll be more straightforward to infiltrate their security-laden lairs if you're proudly sporting that K symbol.
Like the Albion and construction workers you'd be advised to keep your distance - enemies will attack if they realise you're not supposed to be there - but it's a great way of quickly slipping in and out of enemy environments. Like Albion, they're not the easiest recruits to convert, but keep looking - it's oh-so-worth-it.

A spy or hitman

Watch Dogs Legion Spy
A spy or hitman is going to make offing foes a breeze
If you're finding it difficult to emerge unscathed from combat sequences, perhaps it'll be helpful to get a spy or hitman on the books? Not only do they boast the best weapons – the Desert Eagle and G36 assault rifle of a hitman might be a lifesaver, quite literally, towards the end of the campaign - but the spies also come with snazzy cars equipped with camo cloaking and missile launchers.
Spies also rock silenced pistols and a special watch that jams enemy weapons, and some take less damage when in combat. It's definitely worth getting one or two of these professional badasses on board if you can.

And if you're playing with permadeath off, a medic

Watch Dogs Legion Medic recruit
Recruit a medic and you'll see your recruit cooldowns go much quicker
If you're playing with permadeath off – no judgement here, of course – you'll also find it useful to get a medic on team, too. Not only can you use them to get quickly into places like hospitals, but they're also essential in getting your downed teammates up and about sooner, too.
Thanks to their Triage perk, they're able to treat DedSec's wounded and cut down their cooldown, and occasionally even immediately auto-release the injured party - a godsend if you need that particular character's uniform or perk to complete your current mission.
Watch Dogs Legion is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One now, as well as the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X when they release. Don't forget, players will be able to upgrade their current-gen copies for next-gen ones free of charge.