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5 rap records that break the sound barrier

Spend a little time with some lyrically dexterous artists, who rap fast but never loose.
Written by Sammy Lee
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Since hip-hop began, MCs have been out to one-up their rivals, so it's no surprise that the quest to be the world's fastest rapper is hard-fought.
Quickest doesn't necessarily mean best – there are a host of rappers like Rebel XD and Crucified who hit incredible speeds but come off sounding like, well, gibberish. But below we count down five rappers who have managed to combine speed with artistry. Hold on tight – this will be over before you know it.

5. Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck

This Dr Dre-produced track dropped 2001 and solidified Busta's reputation as one of the quickest rappers ever to touch the mic. As one YouTube commenter puts it: "Busta raps so fast even he can’t lipsync to his own songs…"
How fast? Contains 758 words in 231 seconds (3.28 words/second).

4. Dizzee Rascal – Jus' A Rascal

Taken from his boundary-pushing grime blueprint, 2003's Boy In Da Corner, this standout track finds Dizzee cramming in a surprising number of words. Check the ridiculous technique from 2.42 onwards.
How fast? 759 words in 208 seconds (3.64 words/second)

3. Twista ft Jaime Foxx & Kanye West – Slow Jamz

Chop king Twista’s biggest single to date, a masterclass in tactical use of speed for maximum impact.
How fast? 845 words in 212 seconds (3.98 words/second) – although bear in mind Twista doesn't get started til 1.40. Hold on tight!

2. Eminem – Godzilla

Eminem has form in the field of warp-speed rapping – his 2013 single Rap God found its way into the Guinness World Records for Most Words In A Song, while a guest verse on Nicki Minaj's Majesty hit a dizzying 85 words in just 12 seconds. But Godzilla – from 2020 LP Music To Be Murdered By – features his fastest rapping yet.
How fast? 948 words in 244 seconds (3.88 words/second) – although the third verse features 224 words in just 31 seconds (7.23 words/per second)

1. Tech N9ne ft Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Twisted Insane, Ceza, JL, Twista, U$O & D-Loc – Worldwide Choppers

Tech N9ne has long been considered one of the kings of speed rapping. On Worldwide Choppers, he took his Midwest Choppers series overseas with a suite of fast-spitting international special guests. (The good thing about rapping fast is that you can fit loads of guests on a track).
How fast? Worldwide Choppers fits 1543 words in 329 seconds (4.68 words/second). But Tech's comfortable cramming around 13 or more syllables in every second, and it's undeniable he's one of the fastest and most technically adept rappers alive.
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