B-Boy Wildchild at Red Bull BC One 2021 Cypher India
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How B-Boy Wildchild perfected his skills and abilities on the dance floor

The Mumbai-based breaker talks about his overall breaking philosophy, his signature moves, and how he improves his skills as a professional B-Boy.
Written by Radhika Agrawal
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B-Boy Wildchild (Eshwar Tiwari) has been breaking for 10 years now, and he says he still learns something new every day.
Because of his hard work and talent, he has come a long way since his introduction to breaking in 2012. And this year, he had his biggest achievement when he was officially invited to compete among the top-16 B-Boys at the Red Bull BC One 2022 World Finals in New York.
As one of the most talented breakers of the country, Wildchild has spent countless hours perfecting every skill, move and trick to reach this stage of talent. With the world finals only a few months away, he is doubling down on his training to put his best foot forward at the prestigious competition.
Here he reflects on his dance philosophy, how he has worked on his skills to become a better breaker, his go-to power moves, and more.
Red Bull BC One Cypher India 2021 B-Boy Champion Wildchild.
B-Boy Wildchild

His own unique breaking style

Wildchild is known for his dynamic breaking style. He performances are explosive, often making the stage look small when he’s on it.
“I don’t dance in one place, I make use of all the three mediums — air, ground, and what lies between them. This is the strongest thing about my style,” Wildchild says.
As a Marvel fan, he borrows inspiration from his favourite superheroes for all his flying moves. “B-Boys are like superheroes. Normal human beings can’t do what we do,” he adds.
His dynamism is what sets him apart from the rest and makes him stand out even when he is breaking in a crew. “When we practice in the park, strangers come up to me and compliment my dancing. This is because I’ve worked hard to bring this spark and charisma into my breaking style,” he says.
Wildchild at the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher 2021
Wildchild at the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher 2021

The philosophy that fuels his dance

For Wildchild, presentation is more important than anything else. He goes by the belief that your moves can be replicated, but your personality can’t.
“When you go to a restaurant to eat, you get impressed by how the food is presented on a plate. Breaking is the same. I’ve worked very hard to decorate my dish,” Wildchild says.
Part of Wildchild’s breaking philosophy is also to bring a strong sense of musicality to the performance; he doesn’t want it to be just about tricks. “When you perform a move on music, its effect gets amplified. Without music, there is no breaking,” he says.
To improve his musicality, he works on both freestyle and fixed sets. According to him, every competitive B-Boy should keep choreographed sets ready.
B-Boy Wildchild
B-Boy Wildchild

His creative process for new routines

Like any art form, choreographing an original breaking routine requires creativity. Wildchild finds inspiration in everyday things around him. “Once, I was watching a basketball match and I started wondering how I could incorporate the spirit of the sport in breaking. So I created a bouncy routine which was all about tapping,” he explains.

How he perfects his new moves

In his early days as a breaker, Wildchild learned how to perform a freeze within five minutes. That’s when he realized that he was a much faster learner than most B-Boys.
“I just visualize myself doing the moves and it works. Call it God’s gift, but my body is very different — it is flexible and strong at the same time,” he says.
Gifted as he may be, he has still spent many years polishing his moves and perfecting his form.
“I never give up on learning new moves. I won’t eat unless I’ve nailed them. I have practiced every move more than a thousand times,” he says.
Wildchild conducting a workshop in Siliguri as part of the Red Bull BC One Local Hero Tour
Wildchild conducting a workshop in Siliguri

The story behind his signature move

Wildchild’s signature move is called Wild Spin. It went viral in 2019 and won him global fame and recognition. But very few people know that it was born out of a happy accident.
“I was doing something else and I spun on my wrist by chance,” he recalls. It is his go-to move when things aren’t going in his favour in a battle. “People immediately go crazy because it’s an original move,” he says.

What to expect from him at the World Finals

Red Bull BC One 2022 World Finals will be taking place in November in New York. As part of his preparation for the upcoming competition, Wildchild has incorporated functional training into his workout routine. He is also working on exploring new moves that will make his set even stronger.
“I’m trying to design a new move, which will be unlike anything you have ever seen. I will reveal it in the World Finals,” he says.