Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Final
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MC Battle

Meet the 16 MCs ready for the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Final

Check out the list of competitors lining up to do battle at the hotly anticipated final of the Spanish-language freestyle rap event in Madrid, Spain on November 30.
Written by Meritxell Marco
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The countries have spoken and these 16 rappers have been judged the best Spanish-language MCs in the world at the moment. Only one can be crowned Red Bull Batalla De Los Gallos champion, though.
Ahead of the final battle this weekend in Madrid, Spain, we meet them all here. The top three MCs from last year's world final in Argentina qualified automatically for this year's final as special guests:
Wos – Argentina
Crowned Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos champion at the world final in Argentina in 2018, this year Wos will look to defend his crown on Spanish soil. Since taking part in the international final in Mexico 2017, where he lost against Aczino, Wos has become a phenomenon in his country.
The Wos vs Aczino battle will be the most anticipated in Madrid, as Wos defeated his great rival in the final battle last year to win the title and both MCs have the opportunity to become two-time Batalla de los Gallos champions if they win again, an unprecedented milestone in the event's history.
Mc Wos and Mc Aczino perform during Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos World Final at Club Hipico Argentino in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 09, 2018.
Wos and Aczino are both gunning to be the first two-time champion
Aczino – Mexico
Considered the best freestyler in the world and boasting a long career at Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos that started back in 2008, this year Aczino arrives at the world final in Madrid looking to take revenge for his defeat to Wos in the final last year. Aczino is now an international music star and is seeking to write a new page in the history of freestyle rap by trying to become the first two-time world champion.
Valles-T – Colombia
The Cali-based MC earned a direct ticket to the final of battle 2019 thanks to his third place finish in Argentina in 2018, a year in which he won two Colombian championships and was the surprise package at the world final. He eventually lost to Wos in the semi-finals. This time, Valles-T wants to go all the way to the final, which would be a dream come true for him.
Minos and Shield Master won't be able to travel to Spain, so these are the two MCs replacing them.
Jaze – Peru
The 2018 Peruvian champion has received a second chance to battle for the 2019 Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos title. After finishing second in Peru's final to Litzen, the unexpected champion, Jaze has been selected after a social media contest that saw more than 300,000 participants to fill one of the spots left by Shield Master and Minos.
Bnet – Spain
This year, Bnet has been doing great in FMS Spain, but 2018 was the best year for this MC from host city Madrid. He became Spanish national champion of Batalla de los Gallos and finished fourth in the world final. With Arkano (third last year) taking a jury role this year, it was more than understandable that Bnet would be invited back for the 2019 world final. His incredible metrics and paused tone feel like hypodermic needle to his rivals.
Mc Bnet and Mc Valles T perform during Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos World Final at Club Hipico Argentino in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 09, 2018.
Bnet finished fourth in the 2018 final and is aiming for more this year
Lobo Estepario – Mexico
The MC from Mexico City took the national title this year after defeating his countrymen Rapder and RC. He then beat Venezuelan Lancer Lirical in the semi-finals and Skiper in the final. Lobo Estepario finally grabs the baton as Mexico's best freestyler after years of Aczino's absolute dominance. Seeing them battle face-to-face in Madrid would be an amazing sight.
Zasko Master – Spain
The freestyler from Alicante claimed his crown at the Spanish national final after overcoming Tirpa, Errecé and BTA, before beating Sweet Pain in the final. His booming victory provoked a tsunami of authenticity, since Zasko defines himself above all as a rapper. He doesn't have a combative, mocking, or violent style – he simply beats his opponents with his lyrics and rhymes. 2019 has been his year so far and, with a resounding victory in the Spanish National, all his rivals have seen what he has in store for them.
Spectators are seen during the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos National Final in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 20, 2019.
Fans are in for a treat in Madrid
Carpe Diem – Colombia
Carpe Diem arrives at the world final after dominating at Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Colombia. He got rid of Token in the first round and Airon in the second. Marithea was a tricky opponent, since both showed their outstanding talents, and then in the final round he faced Big Killa, who he finally beat after a replay. It was intense, but the Colombian final will have battle-hardened Carpe and he'll arrive in Madrid full of confidence.
SNK – Costa Rica
Sergio Guillén, aka SNK (pronounced 'ese en kei'), was crowned champion at the fifth time of asking in Costa Rica's national final. He won against León in the first round, beat Franco in the quarter-finals and then eliminated Jeff in the semi-finals, but not before facing a replay. And after another replay in the final, he overcame Cehzar, the big favourite going ahead of finals night.
Litzen performs during the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos National Finals in Lima, Peru on September 28, 2019.
Litzen dominated Peru's qualifying battles
Litzen – Peru
Gustavo Guevara, aka Litzen, from Trujillo, dominated the regional qualifier in his first year competing at Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos. In the national final he had to face Xplain in the first round, Blaximental in the quarter-finals and Ramset in the semi-finals, before delivering a great performance in the final round against the 2018 Peruvian champion and huge favourite, Jaze. He'll therefore arrive undefeated to the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Final in Spain.
Trueno – Argentina
17-year-old Mateo Palacios, aka Trueno, was crowned national champion of Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Argentina on his debut. To achieve this, he beat Nacho, Stuart, MKS – one of the favourites on the night – and finally Wolf in the final round. The son of respected rap artist Pedro 'Peligro' Palacios, rap has been in Trueno's life since he was a child.
MC Trueno poses for a portrait during the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos National Final in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 20, 2019.
Trueno is heading to Madrid after winning the Argentinian national final
Yartzi – United States
Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos returned to the United States in 2019 after a 10 year absence and produced a national final in which eight Spanish-speaking freestylers fought for the title. Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Yartzi was the last MC to join the list of 16 gallos for the world final. He beat Nico in the quarter-finals, OG Phrases in the semi-finals and Jordi in the final round in Miami.
Jokker – Chile
Jokker is arguably the Chilean MC with the best prospects at the moment. He began 2019 by sweeping Grow Fest's 420 Backyard Battle, won his regional Batalla de los Gallos qualifier and also BDM Chile. He maintained that spectacular trajectory with second place in the Chilean final of Batalla de los Gallos. To do so, he had to defeat Tom Crowley, who was defending the 2018 Chilean title. In the quarters he beat Anubis and in the semis he had a tough battle against Acertijo.
Tito MC – Cuba
Tito MC arrives in Madrid after claiming the victory at the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Cuba national final, where he eliminated two of the great favourites. In the round of eight he defeated 2016 Cuban champion El Ciudadano and in the semi-final he won against Yeriko (2018 champion), before defeating DRC in the final round. The MC wants to improve the record of the Cuban rappers in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Final, where they've never made it past the quarter-finals.
Franco – Uruguay
Uruguay is back on the freestyle scene with its return to the world final this year. In 2019 it's Franco making history, a full 13 years after R Loko was the last Uruguayan MC to take part in a Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos final. He sealed his ticket to Spain by winning 3X Freestyle, where he beat Spektro, Cronin and finally Hammer, a tough nut to crack, in the final.
Chang – Venezuela
At the 2019 Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Venezuela final, an event called No Se Aceptan Pollos (No Chickens Allowed), the tradition of no champion ever repeating their victory continued. This time it was Chang who got the win, ending Letra's hopes for a second championship. To get there, he first had to get rid of Summer in the round of eight, Indriago in the quarters and Azrael in the semis.