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These are the adventure movies you need to watch on Red Bull TV

Need an adventure fix? Get the adrenaline flowing with these awesome, free-to-view films.
Written by Faye Brozek/Katie Campbell Spyrka
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Swerve boring box sets for thrilling and inspiring films that chronicle some of the best adventure stories and expeditions on the planet. If you’re looking for inspiration, big sends and incredible journeys from all corners of the earth, Red Bull TV has got you covered.

1. The Dawn Wall

The Dawn Wall
Follow climbing legends Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson as they take on free climbing El Capitan’s toughest (and newest) route, The Dawn Wall. This is an emotional tale that sees the two getting to know each other's personalities, having never climbed together before. Both have their struggles in getting up the climb and this film is as much about their personal journeys as it is recording the effort involved to conquer the Dawn Wall.

2. Into Twin Galaxies

Expedition · 52 min
Into twin galaxies
When Sarah McNair-Landry and her boyfriend Erik Boomer find an obscure Arctic river in Greenland on Google Maps, it inspires an adventure of a lifetime, as they team up with pro kayaker Ben Stookesberry to paddle it. Carrying 45 days’ worth of gear, they tow their whitewater kayaks over 1,000km of Greenland ice sheet to reach the most northern river ever paddled, overcoming a serious injury, frozen clothes and dangerous ice tunnels in their quest for a world-first kayak.

3. Lessons from the Edge

Ultrarunning · 31 min
Lessons from the Edge
Lessons from the Edge documents Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel’s attempt to complete the ‘GHT’ – The Great Himalayan Trail – in the fastest known time ever. South Afican ultra runners Sandes and Griese know each other well. The two previously teamed up to run the Drakensberg Traverse but attempting the GHT takes that friendship to another level as they push each other and themselves to the limit to stay on track of their aim to be the fastest over the trail.

4. North of Known

Paragliding · 52 min
North of known
Professional paragliders Gavin McClurg and Dave Turner take on their toughest challenge yet in a never-before-attempted quest to paraglide across nearly 700km of the Alaska Range. Self-supported, with no access to food, other than packages they dropped ahead before setting off, there’s little margin for error. Facing harsh weather, freezing temperatures and even starvation, it's the most extreme vol-biv expedition ever attempted.

5. Standing on Water

Casper Steinfath is one of the world's best Stand Up Paddlers. For an athlete who spends most of his time in the water, Steinfath was for a long time deathly afraid of it. Standing on Water is the story of Steinfath's drive to overcome his fears and follow his passion. The film charts this journey, from taking the first steps in his childhood through to embarking on a professional career in his sport.

6. Follow the Wind

Games · 1 min
Follow the Wind
No contraption is too crazy for kiteboarder Jerrie van de Kop, as he follows the wind using his kiteboard to cross Tanzania. His mission? To raise awareness of ecological threats to the region. Using six different wind-powered modes of transportation, Kop skates, rolls, hikes, surfs and soars over 400km across Tanzania, from the archipelago of Zanzibar, all the way to the snowy peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro.

7. Free Diver

Freediving · 46 min
Free diver
In Free Diver Danish free diver Stig Pryds prepares to attempt his deepest dive yet at Dean's Blue Hold during the sport's biggest competition, Vertical Blue. As well as exploring Pryds's time at the competition and attempts to get on the podium, this film looks at the man and how his chosen sport has helped him overcome a debilitating illness that threatened his standard of living.

8. Chasing Niagara

Kayaking · 1 h 14 min
Chasing Niagara
Pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz chases his dream to paddle over North America’s Niagara Falls but this is no easy task given the highly dangerous drop involved. Chasing Niagara documents the process and training that Ortiz goes through over a three-year period as he builds to his moment of truth. Helping him along are professional kayakers Rush Sturges, Evan Garcia and Tyler Bradt. They all soon realise the path to Niagara may have a mind of its own.

9. Blood on the Crack

Climbing · 10 min
Blood on the Crack
Pro climbers Kevin Jorgeson and Jacob Cook head to British Columbia’s Bugaboos mountain range to attempt the second ascent of the Tom Egan Memorial Route – a sheer and vertical granite slab, which hosts one of the hardest, most excruciating finger crack climbs in the world. Renowned for leaving climbers’ fingertips shredded, the route is classed as a 5.14 crack climb and bloodied fingers are guaranteed. With determination and bandaged fingers, will they manage to send it?

10. Frozen Falls

Climbing · 12 min
Frozen Falls
Professional ice climber and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Will Gadd takes ice climbing to new heights as he attempts to become the first person in history to ascend the frozen sections of the world’s largest flowing waterfall at North America’s Niagara Falls. Follow along as the Canadian climber begins what he hopes will be a world first, climbing a 30ft wide wall of frozen spray ice at the edge of Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls.

11. Addicted to life

Snowboarding · 1 min
Addicted to Life
Across mountains and oceans, from the French Alps to French Polynesia, Addicted to Life follows a handful of action sports athletes as they search for new challenges and live life to the extreme. Showcasing extraordinary feats within wild, natural environments, this globetrotting adventure immortalises the stories behind the achievements of modern action sports athletes with a stellar line-up that includes Kayaker Éric Deguil, Stand Up Paddler Aude Lionet Chanfour and two-time kiteboarding world champion Jesse Richman.
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