Check out India’s best Dirt Rally 2.0 racers

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These are the top racers at BND Motorsport’s Esports Indian Rallycross Championship, which features some of India’s best sim racing competitors.
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Dirt Rally 2.0 might not have a huge community in India like other gaming titles but it has a dedicated base of players.
Competitions like Esports Indian Rallycross Championship (EIRXC) in Dirt Rally 2.0 have given these players a chance to compete for the honour of being Indian champion.
Organized by BND Motorsport – who have conducted several on-road and off-road motor racing events – EIRXC also gives us a chance to watch India’s best Dirt Rally 2.0 racers compete in action via live streams.
Here are a pick of the best Indian racers in the game.

Rajesh Kankavlikar

Rajesh started playing on the Logitech G27 Wheel in 2010. He came into the limelight soon after winning the 2011 F1 Simulator Championship. Since then, he has also taken up karting in Kolhapur. “In pro sim racing, you get to compete with the best drivers in the world from home. You don’t even risk your life,” he says when asked what he loves most about sim racing.
In Dirt Rally 2.0, Rajesh excels at driving on gravel and on wet surfaces. His style suits worn tires. He wants to win international e-rally championships and hopes to help the sim racing community grow in India.

Arjun Rao

Arjun is a national rally driver and national autocross champion who has represented India in international competitions. He started playing rally sim games at the Lionnoil Racing Headquarters when he was 18 years old. He trained under Sanjay Sikand, an ace rally driver and renowned veteran. Arjun usually spends two-three hours in each sim session on the simucube2 setup.
“The competition level raises which pushes us to perform better and improve our skills,” Arjun says about sim racing.
He loves following a technical and rally-style approach to the game. He aspires to participate in the highest level of e-rally championships which is the World Rally Championship gaming series.

Manu Puri

A gamer since childhood, Manu was fascinated by the concept of racing sim rigs and purchased on a few years ago. Before getting into one, he wasn’t sure what experience he should expect but he immediately found it extremely immersive. Initially, he was frustrated with Dirt Rally 2.0 due to the physics of the game. However, after he decided to put his head down and practice, he got a hand of the game and never looked back.
“My play style is to be smooth and consistently fast while making few errors by not being very aggressive or super fast,” says Manu.
He says he plays with passion and dedicates a lot of time to the game because that’s what it takes to go pro. He is the second fastest Dirt Rally 2.0 driver in India and aims to be in the top 10 in the world.

Vinam Jain

Vinam was coaxed into sim racing by a friend but then stuck to it because he loves being competitive. He admits to not practicing much and credits his success to just getting used to playing. He uses the Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari wheel , which he says is really helpful because it gives good feedback.
“The most important thing is you play in a league where you can be competitive,” says Vinam about what he loves about participating in BND Motorsport’s EIRXC.
Most of the tracks in Dirt Rally 2.0 are non-tarmac so Vinam prefers playing with minimalist sliding. He also doesn’t use a separate handbrake so finds it a little challenging. He dreams of one day playing on a state-of-the-art simulator with hyper realistic gameplay.
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Jasmehar Singh Jubbal

“I started playing casually on the simulator with an interest in cars and racing. I came across BND’s championship when they started,” says Jasmehar about his participation in EIRXC.
His sim racing career started off bumpy but Jasmehar kept practicing in his free time. He toyed around with Dirt Rally, F1, GT Sport and Project Cars 2 until he became one of India’s best.
“The style is similar to professional racing so sim games are just replicating real life driving,” says Jasmehar when asked what he loves about Dirt Rally 2.0. He aims to set India’s best timings in online racing games.

Lakshay veer Dabas

Lakshay started playing sim racing games in 2005 and practised online with the simracingF1 community. Participating in the BND Motorsport Esport Championships got him hooked to the Dirt Rally games.
“I practice on the sim before my actual motorsport events as it helps me get in the zone. The correlation of Dirt Rally physics with real car characteristics makes it easier for me to switch between real and sim driving. Good driving practices reward on both formats,” says Lakshay.
When competing in esports, Lakshay likes to stick to the basics of real driving techniques. He likes to keep it clean and says tarmac sections are his forte.