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Ever wondered how Brandon Semenuk’s bike does that?

After watching Cascade, we had to ask Brandon Semenuk to break down his Trek Fuel EX and fill us in on how he set it up to bring some big moves from his slopestyle bike to this trail rig.
Written by Taylor Sudermann
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First, if you haven’t watched Semenuk rip on his Trek Fuel EX in Cascade, you’ll want to click play first.
With every Revel Co. release, we can expect to see an incredible performance from Semenuk, but it’s not very often we see that done on a trail bike.
So how did he bring his slopestyle tricks like Barspins and Tailwhips to his Trek Fuel EX? Let’s check out his bike and ask Semenuk a few questions about it.

Brandon Semenuk's Cascade bike spec

How did you set this bike up to be able to Barspin and Tailwhip?
The wireless AXS drivetrain eliminates a few cables allowing this to become an option on trail bikes now.
Brandon Semenuk in action during the filming of his Cascade film in 2020.
Semenuk puts his cable-free drivetrain to good use
Did it take long to figure out some of the bigger tricks on this bike?
It took some getting used to and is obviously not as trickable as some of my other bikes, but the tricks all require the same technique, so it was just adapting them to the trail setting.
Did shooting on this bike change how you approached the build?
The build existed before the bike, but this was my ideal bike set-up for these trails.
Brandon Semenuk works on the trail used for his Revel Co.'s Cascade film shoot.
Brandon Semenuk perfecting the trails before send-off
Do you think we’ll see more from you on trail bikes in the future?
If there are more inspiring locations that are best suited for a trail bike then, yes, definitely.
Brandon Semenuk travels to the trail used for his Revel Co.'s Cascade film shoot by Jeep.
An inspiring place to shoot a trail part
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