FE Breakers dance at Panagal Park in Chennai
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Take a tour of Chennai’s breaking spots with the city’s best crews

Members of the breaking crews Hipsntoez, To Be Decided, All For One, and FE Breakers take us to their favourite breaking spots in Chennai.
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Chennai’s breaking culture hasn’t exactly exploded into the limelight like other Indian metros. But the city has its dedicated breakers and a few choice outdoor breaking locations.
There are at least six major breaking crews in the city and each crew has their favoured breaking spot based on convenience. While crews move about and practice with each other in all the spots, they will practice at their favoured spot because it is usually the nearest to their homes or work places.
Some of Chennai’s top crews introduce us to their favourite breaking locations through these photos.

Panagal Park

This is the preferred breaking spot for the FE Breakers of the Fifth Element Dance Company. While the dance company has a studio, the breakers rarely use it because classes are conducted in the studio. Wanting a space to practice, the FE Breakers started looking around for outdoor spots. At first, they found Natesan Park in T Nagar, but police said music was not permitted there, so they had to find another spot. This new spot was Panagal Park, located near their studio. The FE Breakers practice here every day from 7pm to 9pm. Their practice space is a skating rink during the day, which is free for them to use after 7pm. They have often been joined by the Hipsntoez crew and B-Boy Bravo to practice here.
B-boy Btrixx performs a headstand on a Red Bull can at Panagal Park in Chennai
B-boy Btrixx performs a headstand at Panagal Park

Anna Nagar Tower Park

This spot is frequented by three different crews. The To Be Decided Crew, Hipsntoez Crew and the Third Eye Crew all use this spot as their practice space. The members of To Be Decided would come to this place first and started visiting it in 2012. Over time, most crews managed to get their own studios around T Nagar and the visits to the park reduced. The three crews – and sometimes FE Breakers – meet here on Sundays to throw down.
Hipsntoez and To Be Decided jam at Anna Nagar Tower Park in Chennai
Hipsntoez and To Be Decided jam at Anna Nagar Tower Park

Marina Beach

A small, raised platform near the beach serves as the main practice spot for the All For One Crew. The flooring is marble so it’s comfortable for them to practice. This spot is at the entrance to the beach in Naddu Kuppam, Mylapore, but the crew also practices on the sand and near the Marina Lighthouse. They mostly practice here on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Many local breakers who are still learning the dance form join them at this spot.
Breakers from All For One crew dance near Marina Lighthouse in Chennai
Breakers from All For One crew near Marina Lighthouse

Nageshwara Rao Park

This is another spot used by the All For One Crew, although not as frequently anymore. There are a lot of restrictions with this park because of regulations laid down by authorities; photography isn’t allowed, and sometimes they would get told off for playing music. All For One has been visiting Nageshwara Rao Park for almost 12 years now.

List of breakers featured in this photo story

At Panagal Park: B-Boy Btrixx, B-Boy Kim, B-Boy Noi-Z, B-Boy Donel (all from FE Breakers), and B-Boy Bravo.
At Marina Beach: B-Boy Ace and B-Boy G Flow (both from All For One crew), B-Boy Dad.