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6 tips for Call of Duty Mobile to help you become the best in the game

Pro CODM gamers Abyss and Master of Revenant Esports explain a few basic tips that can help a novice gamer grow quickly in the mobile title.
Written by Soham Rane
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Revenant Esports is one of India’s premier esports organizations.
Their Call of Duty roster has achieved a fair bit in a short time. Among their most notable recent achievements is the fact that they were finalists at the Call of Duty Mobile World Championships 2021.
Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

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With Call of Duty Mobile enjoying a huge amount of success in South Asia and particularly in India, many gaming enthusiasts have taken up the title and are looking for ways to improve.
If you are one of those gamers, check out these tips from Revenant Esports’ Nandakishore ‘Abyss’ Venugopalan and captain Rahul ‘Master’ Machhar on how you can make your COD Mobile journey smooth, delightful and assured of victory.

Learn how to improve aim by watching your gameplay videos

Abyss says: “Record your gameplay and review it yourself. That is the simplest and quickest start to improve your gunplay and aim. This works for professionals as well as starters. Not to forget, you also improve on your positioning and understanding of where you’re going right and wrong.”
Abyss of Revenant Esports' Call of Duty Mobile roster

Abyss of Revenant Esports

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Fine tune sensitivity settings to what works best for you

Master says: “By recording your gameplay, you see what happens to your aim. You can see your aim and how to bring it on-point. You’ll learn that if you throw too high, your aim goes awry, and this will also help you understand the sensitivity that works best for you. Other than that, you can also correct sensitivity with trial-and-error methods, although that does become easier with experience.”

Practice in different game modes to learn the map control points

Abyss says: “If you prefer playing as a team, you can improve only by understanding the game and how it functions. Help in team coordination for game modes like Domination and Hardpoint comes with practice. You can also use it to understand map control points. Make sure you use the best of all the game modes to understand key map control areas and use them to your advantage.”
Master says: “All maps have different map control points in different game modes. Each Hardpoint map has a different point of control that you improve with basic game sense. Playing simple game modes will allow you to understand them in different maps and modes.”

Prep equipment in pre-game according to your role

Abyss says: “Use the pre-game to make your loadouts and set them up to work well with your function in the team. Understanding how you need smokes and other equipment will help you. In the mid-game too, you can use this understanding to carry yourself ahead.”

Pick your guns according to your game personality

Master says: “Make sure you tune your loadout based on your personality types and games. If you’re aggressive, tune your loadout for an aggressive style. If you prefer a quick and fast-paced gun fight, make sure you choose an SMG and use it wisely. Similarly, for precision gunners, your utilisation of snipers matters the most. Choose your loadouts accordingly!”
Master of Revenant Esports' Call of Duty Mobile roster

Master of Revenant Esports

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Choose your perks wisely

Abyss says: “The factors you need to keep in mind for perks are your game mode, your synergy with the team, and your game personality. This is how you decide what perks you would like to use in the red, green and blue slots.”
Master says: “Understanding your perks is very important. Using them wisely can change the game totally in accordance with your needs. Your aggressiveness and loadouts greatly change how you choose your game synergy. Each perk should be studied accordingly.”