Downhill 360 video: Tech Talk

More on the amazing 360-degree camera technology used in the video that's taking MTB by storm

Brendan Fairclough and F1 car sport the 360 camera
Brendan Fairclough and F1 car sport the 360 camera

Norwegian film-makers Making View recently teamed up again with Red Bull for another unique 360-degree video project, this time at their country’s UCI Mountain Bike World Cup round at Hafjell, and top team Scott11 and Velosolutions were asked to help make it a reality, with Brendan Fairclough (pictured, above) wearing the specialist camera and riding the downhill course with team-mates Floriane Pugin and Noel Niederberger.

Despite all the technology packed into it, the ViewCam is small and lightweight at just 600g, meaning Brendan would barely have felt he was carrying it as he shredded the course at Hafjell Bike Park.

Remote control makes the camera even more portable, meaning the horizons of equirectangular filming technology are now even broader, as this amazing video proves.

Multiple spherical lenses around the camera are allied with sensors that synchronise images to produce the video, and a large internal memory means longer, high-quality filming at higher framerates can be produced.

Technical Specs

•Lightweight – ≈600 grams •4K x 2K equirectangular video @ 25-50 fps •2.4 GHz remote-controlled •160–224 GB internal memory •Synchronized image sensor control •Modular system

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen the video in all its glory, you really should! Click the link below to our special page: