Red Bull Campus Cricket 2019

13 – 17 May 2019
IndiaSawai Mansingh Stadium, India

In its eight year, Red Bull Campus Cricket had 30 city qualifiers with 300 participating teams in India. After several months of intense competition among India's best college cricket teams, the tournament will now feature the eight top colleges fighting it out in the national finals in Jaipur. The final to decide the India Champions will be held at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, with representatives from Rajasthan Royals scouting players.

Group A matches

YBN College (Ranchi) 148 all out lost to Hindustan University (Chennai) 151/4 by six wickets (watch | scorecard)

New LJ College (Ahmedabad) 136/7 lost to DAV College (Chandigarh) 142/2 by eight wickets (watch | scorecard)

New LJ College (Ahmedabad)162/6 lost to Hindustan University (Chennai) 163/1 by nine wickets (watch | scorecard)

DAV College (Chandigarh) 187/6 beat YBN College (Ranchi) 158/8 by 29 runs (watch | scorecard)

New LJ College (Ahmedabad) 139 all out lost to YBN College (Ranchi) 145/1 by nine wickets (watch | scorecard)

DAV College (Chandigarh) 152 all out lost to Hindustan University (Chennai) 152/9 in the super over (watch | scorecard | super over)

Group B matches

Alfala University (Delhi) 186/4 beat SOA College (Bhubaneswar) 64 all out by 122 runs (watch | scorecard)

Raghu Engineering College (Vizag) 80 all out lost to MMC College (Pune) 83/3 by seven wickets (watch | scorecard)

Alfala University (Delhi) 103/3 beat MMC College (Pune) 89/4 by 14 runs (watch | scorecard)

SOA College (Bhubaneswar) 136/9 lost to Raghu Engineering College (Vizag) 138/4 by six wickets (watch | scorecard)

SOA College (Bhubaneswar) 112/7 lost to MMC College (Pune) 113/2 by eight wickets (watch | scorecard)

Raghu Engineering College (Vizag) 157/6 lost to Alfala University (Delhi) 158/2 by eight wickets (watch | scorecard)