The 10 best bargain centre-backs on FIFA 19

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Save cash and stop conceding goals by signing one of these affordable central defenders.
Written by Tom WigginsPublished on
If you keep a clean sheet, you can’t lose, so neglect the centre-backs in your FIFA 19 Career Mode at your own risk.
That doesn’t mean you have to splash out on a pair of big names though. We’ve compiled a list of 10, all available for €20m or less, who you can pick up from the very first transfer window of a Career Mode game on FIFA 19.
All the players you’ll find here are under 30, so they’ll still provide you with a few seasons’ service before retiring. We’ve also tried to avoid anyone on high wages: there’s no point saving on transfer fees if it all goes into the player’s pocket instead.
Prices quoted are those we’ve genuinely managed to negotiate in-game, but be aware that you can usually get better deals by throwing in sell-on clauses.
5 the best bargain centre-backs on FIFA 19: Aïssa Mandi, Raúl, Diego Carlos, Nico Elvedi and Jamaal Lascelles.
FIFA 19’s best bargain centre-backs

1. Aïssa Mandi (Real Betis)

€20m won’t be a bargain to every club, but with Aïssa Mandi’s stock rising he’s only likely to get more expensive. Betis are a team that like to play football so the 80-rated centre-back has the passing skills of a central midfielder (79 for short and 75 for long) which makes him ideal if you like to play out from the back. With a surprisingly high crossing stat of 78, he’ll also whip in a great ball if you somehow find him out wide. The Algerian international is strong without the ball as well, though, with 84 for interceptions and sliding tackles, 82 for standing tackles and 79 for marking.

2. Raúl (Braga)

No, the legendary Real Madrid striker hasn’t reinvented himself as a strapping centre-half, this Raúl is the rock at the heart of Braga’s defence. With 85 for strength and jumping, 88 for aggression and 86 for heading accuracy, the 28-year-old Brazilian is a real force to be reckoned with in both penalty boxes, but 82 for standing tackles, 81 for interceptions and 78 for marking make him a particularly daunting obstacle without the ball. Stats like that don’t come cheap, so you’ll have to wave around €18m at the Portuguese side to have any chance of convincing them to part ways.

3. Diego Carlos (Nantes)

He might sound like an old Pro Evo version of Roberto Carlos but Nantes defender Diego Carlos is really making a name for himself in Ligue 1. The 25-year-old is pretty quick for a centre-back, with 79 for acceleration and 76 for sprint speed, but he also has 84 for strength and 82 for aggression, so he can stand up for himself in the penalty area. 80 for standing tackles, 79 for marking and 75 for both interceptions and sliding tackles are very decent defensive stats, plus 73 for short passing means he’s not bad with the ball at his feet either. An offer of just under €17m should be enough to tempt the Brazilian away.

4. Nico Elvedi (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

For €16m you might be able to get a more highly rated centre-back than Nico Elvedi, but part of that figure is accounted for by the 21-year-old’s high potential. Rated 78 overall now, but able to reach 84 with the right development, it’s a good opportunity to pick up one of the Bundesliga’s most exciting defenders. 81 for standing tackles, 79 for interceptions and 76 for both marking and sliding tackles make him a tough opponent for any opposition forward and he’s only going to get better. He’s no slouch either, plus he can also fill in at full-back if required.

5. Jamaal Lascelles (Newcastle United)

Given the amount of money sloshing around, the Premier League isn’t the first place you’d look for a bargain, but Newcastle’s Jamaal Lascelles is one of the few exceptions. Part of the €15m you’ll have to shell out for the 24-year-old goes towards his potential rating of 83, but with 85 for jumping, 84 for strength and 83 for aggression he’ll certainly make his presence felt on the pitch straight away. With 80 for marking and 76 for interceptions he already reads the game well, while 77 for standing tackles and 76 for sliding ones mean he’s a decent ball-winner. Chances are he’ll be at the heart of your defence for years to come.
5 of the best bargain centre-backs on FIFA 19: David López, Álvaro, Zouhair Feddal, Víctor Ruíz and Daniel Schwaab.
FIFA 19’s best bargain centre-backs

6. David López (RCD Espanyol)

Another centre-back who likes to have the ball at his feet, Espanyol’s David López makes up for a lack of pace with his technical ability and good reading of the game. 82 for standing tackles, 80 for interceptions, 77 for marking and 78 for aggression mean he’s good at winning the ball back, while 76 for ball control and 79 for short passing mean he can be the instigator of attacking moves from deep. 84 for strength means he won’t be bossed around either. Despite being 28 he still has the potential to add a point to his overall rating of 79 and he’ll only set you back around €14m.

7. Álvaro (Villarreal)

With an aggression stat of 89, you probably don’t want to get on the wrong side of Álvaro. That’s not a problem if he’s in your team, but combined with 79 for interceptions, 81 for sliding tackles, 78 for standing tackles, 74 for strength and 92 for jumping, it will be for opposition strikers. The 28-year-old’s sprint speed of 73, acceleration of 72 and reactions of 76 should also allow him to keep up with fleet-footed attackers. Villarreal will want just over €13m for his services and if you’re lucky you might even be able to add a point to his overall rating of 78.

8. Zouhair Feddal (Real Betis)

If you can’t stretch to €20m for Mandi, his team-mate Zouhair Feddal is well worth a look. While not quite as accomplished as Mandi he’s still more than competent with the ball at his feet, with 73 for short passing and 71 for long passing. 83 for standing tackles is his most impressive defensive stat but 82 for aggression, 81 for strength, 79 for interceptions and 78 for both marking and sliding tackles make the 28-year-old more than capable of holding down a place in the first team at plenty of clubs. Feddal isn’t a regular starter, so an offer of around €12m should convince Betis to let him leave.

9. Víctor Ruiz (Villarreal)

A team-mate of Álvaro’s at Villarreal, Víctor Ruiz is available for a knockdown price thanks to a contract that expires at the end of the first season in a Career Mode game. That means you can pick him up for around €9.5m – a good €2m less than his asking price. For that you get a no-nonsense centre-back with an overall rating of 80 and stand-out stats of 83 for strength, 82 for sliding tackles, 81 for aggression, and 80 for both marking and standing tackles. He’s decent with the ball at his feet too, and at 29 years old he’s pretty much in his prime.

10. Daniel Schwaab (PSV Eindhoven)

PSV’s Daniel Schwaab is another player in the last year of his contract, but the Dutch club aren’t willing to accept a low offer for the 29-year-old. That’s not a huge issue because he’ll still only set you back around €8.5m, which gets you a solid centre-back with plenty of stats in the high 70s. 80 for marking, 79 for interceptions, 78 for sliding tackles and 77 for standing tackles stand out, but he’s also got decent strength and stamina, plus he’s not afraid to have the ball at his feet.