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5 surprising facts about Indian skateboarding

Yes, you can skateboard in India.
Written by Abhishek Khan
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While Indian skateboarders still face some very amusing questions, their history has had far more agony and ecstasy than just. Read on to find out how far these skaters have come.

India has 11 skate spots/parks

Four of them were built in the past six months alone. Now will you shut up about "Where do you skate in India!?"
Indian skateboarders have taken matters in their own hands and built their own skate spots. 
Play Arena
Holystoked EPIC Build
Freemotion Sk8
Shiva Palace
Sk8Goa (restricted access)
2er Bowl and Holystoked mini-ramp
SISP Kovalam Surf Club Ramp
HiFy mini-ramp
Green Lethe

Skateboarding in India is over 10 years old

India's first skatepark, Sk8Goa, was built in 2003. Four years it was home to semi-pro skaters from around the world who made it a skate paradise. It was built by UK Nick Smith who also built Play Arena (India's first public skatepark) and co-founded Holystoked Collective with Bangalore skaters. Holystoked Collective are the fuel who've inspired the scene in several cities. After having taught skateboarding to several street kids and gathering steam they managed to get enough international press to skate heroes amongst the global skate community. Check their coverage on VICE.
India's first skatepark - Sk8Goa
(Check this story from back in the day)
India's first public skatepark - Play Arena
India's first free skatepark - Holystoked EPIC Build
(Watch this documentary)

Skateboarding is active in 12 cities

Holystoked's skateboarding stock and French sports mall Decathlon's entry into India kick started the skate revolution. The youth frustrated of the ubiquity of cricket became the early adopters and quickly formed a family on social media.
1. Bangalore
2. Kolkata
3. Mumbai
4. Ranchi 5. Delhi
6. Hyderabad
7. Pondi
8. Vizag
9. Pune
10. Kovalam
11. Goa
12. Calicut
10 stair drop - Mumbai skater Sagar Waghela.
10 stair drop - Mumbai skater Sagar Waghela.

This year India held its first ever skate competition – Third Eye Tour

Followed by a great Indian road trip with over 60 skaters from over 10 Indian cities and 12 countries. The eight-category competition was held in Bangalore earlier this year in January. After which skateboarders embarked on six-day road trip to Hampi, Karnataka to Morjim, Goa. The tour was a celebration of India's concrete skate spots as well as the first gathering of all Indian skateboarders.
Watch the three part Third Eye Tour documentary here.
Aussie skater Dean Palmer in Goa.
Aussie skater Dean Palmer in Goa.

Over 30 pro-skateboarders have visited India

Everyone from Tony Hawk to Omar Salazar have come to skate India. Sean Malto even visited the Kumbh Mela. Also see Kilian Martin's India trip.
Big names to have visited India include Tony Hawk, Kenny Reed, Sandro Diaz, Sean Malto, Nester Judkin, Omar Salazar, Al Partanen, Stefan Janoski, Lenny Burmiester, Jan Kliever, Roberto Aleman, Lee Blackwell, Ronny Calow, Nick Zorlac, Dave Chesson, John Dahlquist, Sam Bosworth, Dave Wallace, Amir Williams, Mark Munson, Carl Potter, Ben Cundall, .Vivien Feil, Evan Collison, Mark Sucio, Michel Macdroct, Lawrence Keefe, Miki Brucio, Andy MacDonald, Dan Cates, Zarosh, Steak, Danger, Chet Childress and Dean Palmer.