Stunt School: GTA V on water
Trevor takes to the life aquatic as we check the stunts you can pull off terra firma in San An.
Written by Jon Partridge
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Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V is back. Well, Rockstar Games’ smash hit is getting a visual upgrade and we’ll soon be dipping our toes back into the world of San Andreas once again, only this time it’ll be with a next-gen lick of paint applied all over on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To celebrate, we’ve come up with some of the best thrills and literal spills in the world of GTA V with an aquatic twist – that means speedboats and jet skis aplenty! Join us for a splash into what GTA V has to offer off land in this week’s Stunt School.
Throw a pool party
The folks at Achievement Hunter are back again with another ridiculous playthrough the world of GTA, only this time instead of taking on the ocean, the gang have decided to downsize the wave race just a little bit. That’s right, instead of racing through the bays and docks, you’ll find an epic four second jet ski race crammed into a swimming pool. Hold on to your hats, as this is going to be over quick.
 Want a challenge? Head upriver
Racing through the Los Santos river is a piece of cake compared to what FitzyGonnaClutch has in store, as shown in the video above: heading upstream in Los Santos’ equivalent of the Santa Clara river proves to be a hefty challenge on using your trusty Jet Ski. Still, make like a salmon and you’ll get there eventually.
Sky high diving
GTA V’s omnipresent Atomic Blimp is one of the highest points in the entire game and easily makes one of the best places to dive from. “Where should we dive into though?” we hear you ask. How about leaping your way into someone’s swimming pool? Challenge accepted.
Making a splash
If leaping from the Atomic Blimp doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about being hoisted up to the top of the map by a helicopter while riding a jet ski and then skydiving into the ocean depths instead? aFosterKid shows exactly what happens when you hit the ocean. Who want to have a go trying this in a pool instead?
Jet skis + grenades = mayhem
The Achievement Hunter gang play their own version of TV’s The Deadliest Catch, but with explosives instead of, you know, crabs. Meshing together grenades, jet skis and one circular arena, the Achievement Hunter crew prove that you can have just as much fun on the waters as you can on land in San Andreas.
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