How’s that for Jod Ke Tod?

© Neville Sukhia
Written by Shannon TellisPublished on
Seventeen mandals, over a thousand participants and a Dahi Handi that no one will forget. This is what happened at Red Bull Jod Ke Tod 2015.
Recently declared an adventure sport, the immensely popular Dahi Handi witnessed new heights at India’s first Red Bull Jod Ke Tod. Seventeen of the best mandals from Mumbai took to Bandra Reclamation Grounds to prove their mettle as Dahi Handi champions.
Forming gigantic human pyramids in seconds, the teams raced against each other and the clock, to break the Dahi handi in the fastest time. The Championship was divided into two categories: Men and Women. Fourteen men teams and three women teams braved the weather, muck and each other as they battled it out for the title of India’s first Red Bull Jod Ke Tod Champions.
Here’s a glimpse of what went down...