Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
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Gurpreet Singh Sandhu explains his fitness goal for January 2022 and beyond

The Indian goalkeeper talks about how gaining muscle mass has helped him in his sport and what he plans to do to further improve his fitness in 2022.
Written by Deepti Patwardhan
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Gurpreet Singh Sandhu has been India’s No 1 goalkeeper for many years now and one of the most influential figures in Indian football.
Standing tall at six-foot-four-inches, Gurpreet uses his physicality to make an impact in goal, be it for the Indian national team or his club Bengaluru FC. In June 2021, Gupreet made more than 10 saves and was the star of the match even though India went down 0-1 to Qatar for the qualifiers to the 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asia Cup.
One of the reasons for the 29-year-old’s consistently brilliant performances in goal has been his fitness. As Gurpreet continues to raise the bar for Indian football, we look at the fitness targets he has set for the New Year and how he hopes to achieve them.
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

My fitness goal for January

Gurpreet is known for his tall and muscular frame, which he uses to great effect. But the Indian goalkeeper is looking to add more strings to his bow, starting in January. He is looking to find a deeper mind-body connection to improve his performance.
“For January, I have been thinking of integrating weekly yoga sessions to achieve not only physical flexibility but also a higher level of mental focus,” he says.

My fitness goal for 2022

Being muscular is important in a contact sport like football. Gurpreet is planning on increasing his muscle mass further through the New Year.
“In the past few months I have gained some weight through muscle and I have never felt better. I wish to continue to build on this foundation and stay injury free for 2022,” says Gurpreet.

What I want to achieve in my sport this year

There is a lot Gurpreet wants to achieve for club and country. Bengaluru FC are one of the most popular teams in the Indian Super League and the goalkeeper hopes to make a winning run with them yet again.
It is a crucial year for the Indian football team as well since they will be playing the third round of the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers, starting February 2022.
“I definitely want to contribute in the qualification of the Indian team for the Asian Cup and also do well in the ISL with BFC,” Gurpreet says.

New training I will add to my routine in January

Gurpreet has grown in stature since he made his club debut in 2009 and India debut in 2011. He is now one of the more experienced players in the team but wants to make sure than he continues to improve.
“I think at this stage of my career I have to keep finding things which make me grow more. Be it playing badminton or tennis on the side for better hand-eye coordination or on the pitch dynamic drills,” says Gurpreet.
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu stretches on a football pitch.
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

Who will motivate me to achieve my fitness targets

Given the physical demands of the sport, footballers are some of the fittest athletes in the world. But while a lot of Indian youngsters look up to Gurpreet, he is motivated by the longevity and consistency of performers like Sunil Chhetri and legendary Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.
“I have a great example in Sunil Chhetri, who has been doing this for years now. I also love to see what Buffon is doing in terms of fitness to be still playing at 43,” says Gurpreet.

How am I going to clock my progress

Tracking your fitness and activity can give you the added structure and edge to your training plan. Even though Gurpreet has physios and trainers to look after him, he likes to keep a track of his fitness journey personally.
“I am using Strava to track my cycling whenever I get the chance to do so, and I’m also using a smart watch,” he says.
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When will I need wiiings

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu sips from a can of Red Bull.
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
Gurpreet swears by a can of Red Bull when he needs a good boost of energy and so he can stay mentally focused even when tired.
“I think Red Bull has been the consistent part of gaining energy for me in everything I do, be it football or even gym workouts or even long road trips!” he says. “The best time for me to have it is before the game and in half time it keeps me sharp. It is the best partnership I have had so far.”