PUBG lingo you won’t learn in school

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A few slang terms you are likely to hear while watching an Indian stream or tournament of PUBG Mobile.
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PUBG Mobile is one of India’s most popular games at the moment.
With a fast-paced gameplay, ease-of-accessibility to anyone with a mobile phone and even-playing field for all skill levels, PUBG Mobile quickly became India’s favourite battle royale game.
And while we’ve embraced it wholeheartedly, we’ve also made it our own with some unique lingo that distinguishes the Indian game from all others.
Some terms express deep frustration and others are meant to applaud fine skill. If you have caught onto a stream but not been able to follow what they’ve been saying, don’t fret. Read on to learn a few PUBG slang terms you are likely to hear on Indian servers.
ADS: Short for ‘Aim Down Sensitivity’ but if you hear a desi PUBG player say this, they likely mean, “be ready to scope in on me and give me cover"
AFK: Short for ‘Away From Keyboard’, which can be AFM in the case of PUBG Mobile meaning ‘Away From Mobile’
Backstab: When someone is killed from behind
Bait: When one teammate goes into a dangerous position to draw fire from enemies while teammates hide so they can spot the enemies and retaliate soon
Bolt action: High-damage, low-fire-rate sniper rifles that require you to pull a 'bolt' back after firing a shot. These rifles have the potential to take an enemy down in a single shot.
Boom-baam: Indian slang term used to describe intense firefights
Bum me bam bharde: Slang that means, “Toss a grenade at the opponent”
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Use AFM when interrupted while playing PUBG Mobile
Carry: A player with substantially more kills than the rest of their team, who is ‘carrying’ the team with good performances
Clutch: When a player pulls off an incredible win from a difficult situation; for example, if they win as the last player standing of their team against three or more opponents
Crossfire: When teammates cover an entrance or access point from multiple angles to attack approaching enemies
Daal daal pura daal: Indian slang term said to a teammate which basically means, “Stuff them with bullets and confirm the kill”
De jiggle: The zig-zag movement done to evade enemy bullets in a face-to-face fight
Entry fragger: The role of the player who goes ahead of teammates to attack the enemy first, possibly getting the first kill or suffering the first death
Flick: A quick reaction shot done when an opponent suddenly appears just outside a player’s field of view
FPP: Short for ‘first-person perspective’, the mode in which players view the game from the character’s perspective
Frag: Slang term for “kill”
Ghusa de: Indian slang term which means, “Rush the enemy”
Khopdi tod saale ka: Indian slang term, usually said to a sniper teammate to pull off a headshot
Kya bolti public: Indian slang term usually said by casters to engage with an audience which loosely translates to, "Come on, make some noise"
A gamer plays PUBG Mobile on a realme phone.
FPP in PUBG Mobile
Nade: Short for HE grenade
NPNP: No Problem, No Problem; usually typed in chat to relieve a teammate’s mind after a recent mistake
NTNT: Nice Try, Nice Try; usually typed in chat to appreciate a teammate’s effort
OP: Short for overpowered; usually a term of praise that means a player is excelling at the game
Patt se headshot: Indian slang term used as a catchphrase by Dynamo Gaming when he manages a headshot
Prone: When the character lies down on the ground
Rotation: To move from one location to another in order to survive longer or move into the safe zone (circle)
Tapa-tap: Indian slang term which means "headshot"
TPP: Short for ‘third-person perspective’, the mode in which players view the game as if an observer viewing the character they are controlling