Rajasthan Royals 2021 bus
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Check out how the Rajasthan Royals bus was designed and decorated
After an exciting live show to launch their jersey, the Royals have another surprise for their fans in the form of an energetic and cool bus design.
Written by Sean Sequeira
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Rajasthan Royals have an exciting new bus design for the 2021 season.
As they prepared to play their first match of the season in Mumbai, the Royals revealed their spectacular bus designs to the fans for the first time.
The design incorporates different elements that represent Rajasthan Royals, sketches of the players who will represent the team this season, and bold strokes and design elements that will reflect the energetic tone the team hope to carry through this season.
Below is an interview with artist Santanu Hazarika who designed the bus on how he conceptualized the artwork and how it fits into Rajasthan Royals’ plans for this year.

Can you explain the layout that you have come up with and the components?

Whenever I’m designing a vehicle or something that is more geometric in shape, I try to keep in mind the shape of the design. For example, the Rajasthan Royals tour bus is rectangular, so I imagined the layout to be a brick in motion. The entire design revolves around Rajasthan Royals and what the Royal Rajasthan Foundation stands for, along with the kinetic moving object it is designed for.

What style of art have you employed and why did you choose this style?

Growing up, I was very into video games like Need For Speed and racing games. So most of the elements that I’ve used are inspired by decals and racing stripes. These actually complement the motion of the bus. So I’ve used the players in a sketched out version with a kinetic form of design. So you can see the design, there are like spikes coming out of the rear wheel, like a racing gradient. And that gradient is inspired from the gradient that is on the Rajasthan Royals team jersey for 2021.
A sketch of the Rajasthan Royals players on the team bus for 2021.
Rajasthan Royals players sketch on the team bus

Can you explain your step-by-step process from visualization to rough sketches to final artwork?

First step was obviously getting the brief, which thanks to Red Bull India and the Rajasthan Royals team, we had a really nice to-and-fro in the stage of briefing and they were really clear about what they wanted. Then I sat down with my iPad and started sketching all the possible designs I could come up with involving all the components. It was like a permutation and combination of points. Initially I designed the Royal Rajasthan Foundation bus wherein I used the four key elements that the foundation stands for. One of the elements was the lioness; so I did a visceral form of the lioness pouncing towards the direction of the moving bus. The lioness stands for pride for the Royal Rajasthan Foundation. And for the Rajasthan Royals team bus, I used a similar visceral style but for the players of the team.

How did you visualize the design on the bus?

For me, the first thing was to find out the model because I only knew it is a Volvo bus but there are so many different models. Thanks to my engineering degree I know how to scale up and down dimensions of models. So about three days went into just getting the scale and the dimensions correct by doing calculations based on the model of the bus. Then I got a few images from the team, calculated everything including the distance of the wheel from the front end, the surface area, the area of the windows, the cuts and curves – a lot of calculation went into first laying out the design. Then I had a rough sketch of the bus, a scaled down version that was accurate up to three decimal points. So then I made a design and then scaled it up to superimpose the design on the bus itself.
You can’t have an absolute accurate measurement with the final design – there’s always going to be some human error or printing error. The design has to incorporate those errors so they don’t stand out and look like errors. For example, near the headlights, I kept extra space in the design so even if there is an error in calculation or in pasting the decal, it doesn’t look like an error. So in this case I designed the headlight to look like eyes so the front of the bus looks like the face of a creature.
The Rajasthan Royals team bus for 2021 at St Regis Hotel in Worli, Mumbai.
The Rajasthan Royals team bus for 2021

What would fans recognize in the artwork as being part of the RR ethos/team identity/cultural reflection?

If you look at the bus design, it has all of the elements of Rajasthan Royals. For example, pride is one of the four elements or motifs of Rajasthan Royals. So I’ve used these four motifs in the design, incorporated in the background. If you look closely, you will see the four motifs in the form of cubes in the background, just like it is on the Rajasthan Royals 2021 jersey. So the design of the bus is a straight parallel drawn from the jersey, the causes that Royal Rajasthan Foundation stands for, and an idea of how the Rajasthan Royals team functions. So I think this is what the fans will be able to relate to.

What kind of feeling were you hoping to give someone who looks at the design?

I think I would say I wanted people to feel energy when they see the design because it is a sports team with energy. And I would also say I want people to think it is cool, because it is a very unique combination of colours; pink is one of my favourite colours and one of the most misunderstood colours. So the feeling I wanted to go for was energy and pride, which are synonymous with Red Bull and Rajasthan Royals.
Close up of the Rajasthan Royals team bus.
Close up of the Rajasthan Royals team bus

If you could describe the artwork in one word, what would that word be?

Can I go with two words? I would say the words are ‘Halla Bol’ because this bus stands for everything that is energetic and powerful. It is a pounce towards victory.