Charging Revolution at Red Bull Basement
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Calling students who want to innovate today and disrupt the world tomorrow

Red Bull Basement, the programme that shines a spotlight on young entrepreneurs, is back to kickstart ingenious ideas from student changemakers.
Written by Trish Medalen
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Today’s student entrepreneurs, creators and innovators are the force that will disrupt the status quo and drive positive change in the future. And they’re seizing on Red Bull Basement as the chance to find their voice, showcase their skills and ambitions, and make tomorrow’s world a better place.
Not willing to accept that ‘it’s this way because it’s always been this way’, these students are coming up with bold new tech solutions to make a meaningful impact. So they’re taking part in the global programme to realise their ideas in a supportive environment that’s packed with inspiration. All students, no matter what they study, are welcome to open their opportunities with an inside track to networking, collaboration and workshops alongside experts, mentors and peers. Why should they wait until graduation to start bringing their solutions to life?
The ideas are as diverse and creative as the students who envision them. Participants are increasingly interested in sustainability, with concepts from last year’s edition ranging from a hand-powered device charger to an environmental adventure game and even a clothes washing machine, the Lava Aqua X, which recycles shower water. Smart cities, empowerment, body and mind, and careers are other popular topics.
The event's outreach put us in touch with people all over the world
Paramveer Bhachu
“The cool thing about Red Bull Basement is that it can work for a variety of ideas. For us, we were able to build a prototype model and make the intellectual property and trademark arrangements. In addition, we took a lot of knowledge from opportunities like workshops,” said Lava Aqua X co-founder Paramveer Bhachu. “We also wanted to advocate sustainability and saving water, and the event’s outreach put us in touch with people all over the world.”
Joanna Power and Paramveer Bhachu from Lava Aqua X at Red Bull Basement in London, UK, on December 13, 2020.
Joanna Power and Paramveer Bhachu with their Lava Aqua X washing machine
Red Bull Basement was born in 2018 with applications from 16 countries and participation has been booming year on year. Now, 2021 is shaping up to be the biggest yet, with 45 countries participating globally.


The application window is open from September 1 through to October 24 and teams apply by submitting a 60-second video that explains their idea. This is also when the public are invited to give online Community Shout-Outs to the ideas they think the world needs most.
Then, from October 25 through to November 1, national judges will select one team to represent their country in the Global Final, based on the criteria of feasibility, creativity, impact and those Community Shout-Outs.
From there, the finalist teams have about five weeks to further develop their ideas with the help of resources, including an international mentorship program and the Red Bull Wingfinder assessment tool. Created with an expert team of psychologists and available to all, the assessment provides individuals with a detailed report that focuses on their strengths while also offering pointers on how to fulfil their potential, a valuable tool in this phase where team members are collaborating closely to maximise their impact.
Ruth Rowan, Manjula Lee, Mathias Haas Daniel Cronin, Caroline de Moraes and team Lava Aqua X are seen during Red Bull Basement Global Workshop in Vienna, Austria on December 13, 2020
Red Bull Basement Global Workshop in Vienna, Austria
Finally, they’ll attend the immersive Global Final from December 13-15, which for the first time will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. Coming together, they will attend workshops, get insights from leading visionaries and more, all leading up to the last day, when they’ll present their projects to a panel of experts. When Red Bull Basement is complete, the journey goes on for these young entrepreneurs, who can use the experience as a springboard by taking what they’ve learned, and all they’ve accomplished, to launch their ideas in the world.
Are you a student with an idea that could drive positive change? Find out how you can apply and share your solution with the world right here.
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