The founders of Yibe Network
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How Yibe Network can help improve students’ networking and productivity

The India winner of Red Bull Basement 2020 is an app-based network that will help students learn new skills and build on their ideas.
Written by Sean Sequeira
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Red Bull Basement has discovered the next big idea that can help improve student life on campus.
The competition concluded the open-invitation phase for entries and the India winner was recently selected. The winners from India are Suraj Suryavanshi and Shweta Morale from MIT ADT University, Pune, who conceptualized a productive networking application that can help students connect with like-minded individuals or groups across campus.
Their innovation is called Yibe Network and is soon to roll out to beta testing for the app.
The app will have features like Events, where students can find latest information on college festivals, workshops and other events they can be part of; Growth+, where students can learn skills from others and sign up for internship and other work opportunities; Money Matters, where they can keep track of their borrowing and lending with regular reminders; social networking, and much more.
As winners of the India qualifiers of Red Bull Basement, Suraj and Shweta will take Yibe Network into the development phase of the competition with the opportunity to represent India in the global finals soon.
We spoke with Suraj and Shweta about Yibe Network to understand a little more about how it will improve student life.
Suraj Suryavanshi and Shweta Morale of MIT ADT University, Pune, pose for a profile photo.
Suraj Suryavanshi and Shweta Morale

What phase is Yibe Network currently at?

Currently, Yibe is in its final development stage. We are scheduled to launch alpha by the end of next week (third week of November). We will also be launching beta to over 250 users around 10 colleges in Pune by the end of November 2020.

How can students from different colleges interact on Yibe?

Yibe is a centralised college ecosystem where students can network with like-minded individuals, even from different colleges. Upon verification, students can use multiple features of Yibe Network.
Students can find events within their interests, use Growth+ to improve their skills, find students who share similar interests to participate in an activity, or learn a new skill. They can also find activities around them to enjoy their time with friends, or find new people to enjoy with.

Is the network open to anyone? How can students login or join?

The network is open to only students. Students have to simply verify themselves by providing their college ID and sending a live photo. After verification, they can surf through the content on the network provided by other users/content creators/influencers.

Are activities on Yibe planned and executed by individuals or are there community-led activities?

Any user can host any kind of activity on Yibe. Upon creating an activity, other active users with the same skills/interests will get pinged to join in. After mutual confirmation, they can chat in the group and successfully execute the activity.

Are any social networking platforms integrated into Yibe?

Social networking platforms are not integrated into the app as Yibe is a network for getting socialising back to the street.

Are any other apps integrated into Yibe?

Yes, apps like Google Maps are integrated into Yibe. Our team is working on Google Pay to be integrated to the application as well.

What learning/skill building tools are built into Yibe? Are there pre-recorded lessons, workshops, live sessions, etc?

Students can use Skills+ to learn a new set of skills by experience or from individuals who know that particular skill. Upon helping a fellow student to learn a new skill, they will receive reward points which will reflect in their digital resume.

Could you explain the interface of the money management system?

Students can use multiple tools such as Money Matters, which will let them keep track of money they have lent and borrowed from other students. Yibe will also give them reminders to settle their accounts with other students to avoid future confusion. We will introduce more tools in future which will solve major problems faced by college students.

How will students get work/internships opportunities on the app?

Students will be self-dependent by utilising the Growth+ section. Quick Fixes are small freelance jobs, which can be provided by external verified users.
Verified companies can list their internships on our network via the Internship portal provided to them (upon verification). They will be able to find unique and experienced talent within our student network.
Entrepreneur students can also utilize our network to the fullest. Any single student or group with an idea, a small start-up or a well-established start-up, can find more talented members from different colleges with different skills on the network. This will help them find all-rounded experts in every field around their city.