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What India’s top 20 breakers asked the Red Bull BC One Cypher India judges

Ahead of the national final, the top 16 B-Boys and top 4 B-Girls of India were given a chance to ask one question each of Wing, Junior and Sarah Bee.
Written by Rohit Singh
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B-Boy Wing, B-Boy Junior and B-Girl Sarah Bee were the judges at Red Bull BC One Cypher India 2021. To know more about the competition and to watch the stream, visit redbull.in/bcone
Red Bull BC One Cypher India 2021 took place on 4th September and featured Hindi commentary for the first time ever.
Ahead of the cypher where the Indian B-Boy champion and B-Girl champion were announced, the top 16 B-Boys and top 4 B-Girls were given a chance to quiz the breakers on the judging panel.
Here are the questions and the responses from Sarah Bee, Wing and Junior.

B-Boy Junior

B-Boy Junior on the beach in Durban, South Africa.
B-Boy Gomb asks: What is the scope for you in breaking other than battle and jams?
Junior says: As a breaker, you can dance as part of a company, or you could start your own company to choreograph and conduct shows. You can conduct workshops, classes, conferences and events also.
B-Boy Flying Machine asks: What was your motivation behind getting into breaking?
Junior says: I started breaking to find a way to express myself, to feel strong, and to overcome some difficulties in life. I found breaking to be the support I needed.
B-Boy Kemio asks: How long have you been dancing and how do you motivate yourself to keep pushing forward?
Junior says: I’ve been dancing for more than 25 years now. I keep pushing because I love what I do, I love this game, and I love that I can dance to express myself. It helps me to give the best of myself to the world every day.
B-Boy Junior performs in Paris.
B-Boy Junior in Paris
B-Boy Shawn asks: Apart from breaking, how do you spend your day?
Junior says: During my free time, I like to spend time with my family. I have two kids and a wife so I like to spend a lot of time with them. And I like to spend time with my friends also. Apart from that I also listen to music and just chill.
B-Boy Jin asks: You’re a full time B-Boy and Red Bull BC One All Star, so do you consider breaking as a career/profession?
Junior says: Yes, I consider myself to be a professional dancer. I have contracts, I am dedicated to it, and I have responsibilities. So yes, it is my profession and my job.
B-Boy Shafi asks: How many hours do you practice in a day?
Junior says: It depends. Some days I will practice for five hours and some days I will practice for only one hour. It depends on how I feel and how much time I have in my schedule.

B-Boy Wing

Red Bull BC One All Star Wing from Korea poses for a portrait at Shymbulak in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the day before judging Red Bull BC One Cypher Kazakhstan.
B-Boy KC asks: What is important for you apart from breaking battles and jams?
Wing says: Spending time with my family. And I’m always trying to get some new inspiration so I try to keep that going somehow.
B-Boy Icon asks: How do you manage your dance life when things get tough?
Wing says: Stay healthy. I believe body management should always be the first thing on your mind.
B-Boy Crazy Bright asks: What’s the most beautiful combo that you created and makes you happy?
Wing says: Creative moves and combo moves really don’t matter to me. If I feel comfortable in my dance, that’s what makes me happy.
B-Boy Demon asks: How many hours do you train in a day? And how do you stay motivated when you train alone?
Wing says: I train for about three hours in a day. I stay motivated by making sure I create something new with my dance when I train alone.
Dance · 5 min
Wing meets the local breakers of Bengaluru
B-Boy Flexagon asks: How do you prepare for your battle when you’re not in the best shape?
Wing says: I’d say, just do it. Condition is just condition. I like to stay focused on my preparation.
B-Boy Tornado asks: What was your journey like to the Red Bull BC One World Final?
Wing says: It was a long time ago; sorry if I don’t remember all the details. I just kept up my activity rate and did not miss my opportunity. And I think that’s how I got to the world final stage.
B-Boy Diamond asks: How do you create your concepts?
Wing says: It depends on the situation. I keep looking for opportunities and stay light on the floor.

B-Girl Sarah Bee

B-Girl Sarah Bee is posing with sunglasses
Sarah Bee
B-Girl Glib asks: What motivated you to start breaking?
Sarah Bee says: When I started dancing, I was simple playing around. But what kept me motivated to practice and dance more was just being with my friends and having fun through dance.
B-Girl Pace asks: How do you stay creative and continue to develop your dance?
Sarah Bee says: Definitely practicing different type of styles. Doing other things apart from dancing, that also helps me stay creative and gives me inspiration to find new ways of expressing myself through dance. So yeah, it’s just about being curious and trying new things.
B-Girl Jo asks: What dance styles have influenced your movement as an artist?
Sarah Bee says: When I started dancing, I tried everything. Popping, locking, hip-hop. And right now I practice waacking. Everything is a big influence in my dance. I used to do contemporary also. So it’s a mix of everything.
Sarah Bee says to try something new to become a better dancer
Sarah Bee says to try something new to become a better dancer
B-Girl Bar-b asks: What message would you like to give to the younger generation of B-Girls?
Sarah Bee says: Dream big. If you are going through something hard in your life, try to get all that negativity out through your dance and practice. Stay strong, stay positive, keep having fun, enjoy the journey, and have a good life.
B-Boy BenmaN asks: How have you been doing in the last few months?
Sarah Bee says: So the last few months, I’ve been able to travel quite a bit. So I’ve met new people and discovered new cultures. So it’s been a very inspiring few months and I’m excited for what’s coming next.
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