Lil Zoo with his signature Airchair
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Who are the invited B-Boys for Red Bull BC One 2019?
Find out who will battle at the BC One World Final in Mumbai. This is the list of invited B-Boys.
Written by FraGue Moser-Kindler
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1. Menno

B-Boy Menno from Holland represents the BC One All Stars, Hustle Kidz and Def Dogz. He won the BC One World Final in 2014 and 2017. After a break in 2018, he returns to take a shot as his third BC One title.
Portrait of Menno
Menno is a two-time champion going for his third title
Find out more about Menno in Alter Ego: Menno

2. Phil Wizard

Phil Wizard hails from Canada. He's part of The Wizards, United Rivals and 7 Commandos crews. He won the BC One Cypher L.A. in 2017, the BC One Cypher Canada in 2018 and makes his debut on the big stage in 2019.
Portrait of Phil Wizard.
Phil Wizard

3. Stripes

Stripes lives in the United States. He represents Flipside Kings and Main Ingredientz. He joins the invited B-Boys in the BC One World Final in Mumbai after making a lot of noise in 2018. Most remarkable last year was his win at the Unbreakable Solo Battle.
Portrait of B-Boy Stripes
B-Boy Stripes, Main Ingredientz and Flipside Kings

4. Lil Zoo

Lil Zoo is the defending champion from the BC One World Final 2018. After winning BC One in Zurich, on his birthday, he's eager to take the title back home a second time. He represents the BC One All Stars and El Mouwahidin Crew.
Portrait of Lil Zoo
Lil Zoo is the defending champion from Red Bull BC One 2018

5. Flying Machine

Flying Machine stands proud as the first-ever B-Boy from India to show his skills on the circular stage of the BC One World Final. And he has the honour to do this in his home country. He will represent the Beast Mode and Smoking Skillz crews.
Portrait of Flying Machine
Flying Machine has won the Red Bull BC One Cypher India multiple times
You can rewatch Flying Machine's experience from last year in Route to BC One: Flying Machine

6. Kazuki Rock

Kazuki Rock, aka the Kicking Crab, will bring his outstanding character to the BC One World Final stage. He represents Japan and the Body Carnival crew.
Portrait of Kazuki Rock
Kazuki Rock

7. Bumblebee

Bumblebee from Russia and the Outstanding crew joins the ranks of invited B-Boys as the youngest competitor. He's also the first ever B-Boy to win an Olympic gold medal, which he won at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.
Portrait of Bumblebee
Bumblebee is the youngest competitor in the B-Boy line-up

8. Heady

B-Boy Heady, hailing from South Korea, represents Artistreet and Modern Skillz. He's another first-time competitor on the World Final stage and looking forward to showing his skills to a worldwide audience.
Portrait of B-Boy Heady
Heady from South Korea

9. Khalil

Khalil, from France, is part of the Legiteam Obstruxion crew and another first-time competitor at the BC One World Final. He was inspired to break after his mother took him to Battle of the Year in 2002.
Portrait of Khalil at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Mumbai.

10. Onel

Onel, from Dead Prezz crew, is the first B-Boy from Greece to be invited into the Top-16 of the Red Bull BC One World Final. The first competition he ever watched was Red Bull BC One in 2005. Ever since, he's dreamed of joining the World Final. His name Onel stands for 'One Love'.
Portrait of Onel at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Mumbai
Onel at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Mumbai

11. Monkey King

Taiwan's Monkey King represents Dream Runnerz crew. He's known for his extreme power moves and transitions that seem to defy gravity. His name was given to him by crew-mate Harrien and is taken from the Monkey King Sun Wukong from Chinese mythology, who's an entity with supernatural powers.
Portrait of B-Boy Monkey King
Monkey King from Dream Runnerz crew

12. Robin

Robin from the Ukraine is a returning contender at the BC One World Final, as he was on the big stage back in 2013. He represents Top 9, East Side B-Boys, MZK , Bring It Back and the Green Panda Crew. Robin rocks an unpredictable style that he refers to as, "don't take fake".
A portrait of B-Boy Robin from the Top 9 crew
Robin represents the Top 9 Crew

13. Bart

Portrait of Bart at Red Bull BC One 2019.
B-Boy Bart from Brazil
Bart from Brazil was competing in the Last Chance Cypher of 2018 as the champion of the Red Bull BC One Cypher Brazil. This year he is an invited contender to present his energetic style on the big stage of the Red Bull BC One World Final. He represents the crews Perfect Style and Sul Clan.

14. Beetle

Russia's Beetle, representing Zames crew and Nothing 2 Lose, is the final invited B-Boy to join the Red Bull BC One World Final 2019 in Mumbai. He's what we call a complete B-Boy in that his repertoire has elements from every aspect of our dance.
Portrait of Beetle
These 14 dancers are the invited contenders for the 2019 Red Bull BC One World Final. The best two B-Boys from the Last Chance Cypher will complete the line-up for the Top 16 on Saturday. Find out who's in with a shot at those last two spots in our Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher Line Up story.
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