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Techno Gamerz: “Next song jo hai, woh aadha likh diya hai”

The uber popular Indian gaming streamer spoke about his habits and passions as a guest on the latest episode of The eSports Hour on Red Bull Game On.
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Techno Gamerz was recently a guest on The eSports Hour on Red Bull Game On.
As one of the most famous gaming content creators in India with a whopping 27 million subscribers on YouTube, Techno Gamerz is looked up to by most people in the Indian gaming industry.
He posts two videos a week and boasts a view count of over 6.7 billion across his videos. His Minecraft and GTA 5 videos are thoroughly enjoyed by his fans.
On the latest episode of The eSports Hour, the famous YouTuber had a fun time chatting with host Ocean Sharma about GTA 5 Roleplay, his Minecraft videos, his upcoming music video, and much more. Here are some highlights from the hour-long stream.
Techno Gamerz
Techno Gamerz

“GTA San Andreas mein missions kam aur car zyada chalata tha”

Translated: In GTA San Andreas, I would do fewer missions and just drive the car around more
Techno spoke about how he developed a love for cars when he started playing GTA San Andreas. He also stated that he likes cars that are loud and are boosted by V12 engines. When Ocean asked him about his dream car, he confessed to having two dream cars. For daily commute and personal use, he would like to have a Mercedes-Benz G-Class Wagon. And he would like to have a Lamborghini Sian for racing.

“Kuch different type ki series start karne ka man kar raha hai Minecraft mein”

Translated: I want to start a different type of series in Minecraft
When Ocean asked Techno about his favourite build in Minecraft, he promptly answered that it was a huge castle that he built by shaping up a mountain in the sandbox game. While talking about his next build, he expressed his desire to start a new series cantered around the multiplayer mode of Minecraft. He further stated that he will try his best to upload the first episode of the series this week.
Techno Gamerz
Techno Gamerz

“Koi banda ankh band kar ke bhi baitha hai na, toh who meri commentary sun ke pura imagine kar sakta hai”

Translated: Even if someone is sitting with their eyes shut, they will be able to imagine the scenario just by listening to my commentary
Techno spoke about how invested he is in his videos, irrespective of the length of it. He talked about how it was possible for someone in his audience to enjoy his horror game videos even with their eyes closed, because they would be able to perceive the visual just based on his commentary. Techno said he tries to recreate the look and feel of the game by commenting on various aspects that appear on screen.

“Mera irada hai kahani banana, game ko ek show ki tarha present karna”

Translated: My intention is to make a story, and present the game as a video series or as a TV show
While chatting about GTA 5 Roleplay servers, Techno expressed how he wants to create his own story on the server which viewers would perceive as a web series. He wants to continue the story that has already ended and add his own twists and flavour to it. When it comes to fun, he would always opt for GTA Online, but he would like to use Roleplay servers to weave his own story.
Techno Gamerz on shoot for Red Bull M.E.O.
Techno Gamerz on shoot for Red Bull M.E.O.

“Next song jo hai, woh aadha likh diya hai”

Translated: I have written half of my next song
Techno spoke about his song titled Game On, which was released as a surprise for his audience when he hit 10 million subscribers on YouTube. When Ocean asked about what’s next on his bucket list, he responded by saying that he wanted to write the lyrics of his next song. He joked by saying that half of the lyrics were heartfelt and the other half was written by him with the intention of completing the song. He cited that the second half of the song is the main reason why the upcoming song is paused for the moment. Once the lyrics come from the heart, he will not delay in recording, producing and releasing the song.

“Main raat ko do baje hi video banata hu aur agle din subhah dant khata hu”

Translated: I make my horror videos at 2am regularly and get scolded in the morning for it
Techno reveals that he films the videos of his horror games between 2am and 4am in order to get the chills. He also made fun of the fact that his family would scold him the next morning because he would be screaming and waking them up in the middle of the night.
Ujjwal ‘Techno Gamerz’ Chaurasia
Techno Gamerz

Rapid Fire

Ocean quizzed Techno Gamerz with four fun questions. Here is what Techno had to say.
  • Ocean: Four games that Ujjwal hates
  • Techno: Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy, Among Us, Candy Crush, Bounce game on old Nokia phone
  • Ocean: Four people that Ujjwal wants to meet in his lifetime
  • Techno: Shroud, Sidhu Moosewala, Marvel superheroes in costume, Michael from GTA
  • Ocean: Four snacks/dishes that Ujjwal likes to eat
  • Techno: Pizza, Burger, French Fries, Dal Makhani-Naan
  • Ocean: Four life goals of Ujjwal
  • Techno: To convert haters into lovers, to reach 100 million, a big house, and Mercedes G Wagon