Team Phoenix in Red Bull Half Court
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Meet Phoenix, a 3v3 basketball team

Representing Chennai
Written by Rohit Singh
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Phoenix is a 3v3 men’s basketball team from India.
They participated in the Chennai qualifier of Red Bull Half Court 2022 India, and will now compete in the national finals.
Red Bull Half Court is a global 3v3 basketball tournament that is conducted across 29 countries. After several country rounds, the national champions of the competition will participate in the world final in Egypt later this year.
The competition had eight city qualifiers in India in 2022 with men’s qualifiers in eight cities and women’s qualifiers in four cities being conducted simultaneously. Phoenix won the men’s qualifier in Chennai and will now compete in the Red Bull Half Court 2022 India Finals in Chandigarh with a hope to become the men’s champions who will represent India in the world finals.
Here the captain of the team, Raghul Vasan, talks about how the team got its name, what they love about 3v3 basketball and what they hope to achieve in the sport.
Team Phoenix in Red Bull Half Court
Team Phoenix in Red Bull Half Court
Team name: Phoenix
Story behind the name: We believe in rising from the ashes with more strength and confidence
Players in the team: Raghul Vasan, Aravind Annadurai, Naveen and Arvind Muthu Kumar
Past tournaments: Aravind Annadurai and Arvind Muthu Kumar have represented India at various FIBA Asia Cups and FIBA World Cup Qualifiers. Raghul has played in 3BL Season 2 and represents Indian Overseas Bank.
Team jersey: We don’t have a team jersey currently
Style of play: We focus on aggression, ball rotation and long-range shooting, and a particular concentration on defence and rebounding
What we love about 3x3 basketball: We love the speed and intensity of the game
Our tips for upcoming 3x3 players: Play as a team rather than individually, and concentrate more on two-point shooting
Our dream teammate: Stephen Curry
Our ultimate basketball dream: To play in the NBA