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Trust us, you've never seen Desert Point quite like this before

Written by Chris Binns
Hours before an earthquake shook Lombok to its core, a favourite wave came alive in spectacular fashion.
In the early evening of August 5 an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale flattened the north-eastern corner of Lombok, Indonesia. One hundred kilometres south of the epicentre, an untouched Desert Point was firing – flawless and lacking its usual crowd. An island away, Sunday session partiers in Bali felt the low rumble of the quake and watched on worried as their villas swayed and waves broke in their swimming pools. This was a big one.
For the hardy crew of regulars it had been a few days to remember. Well known for flawless barrels, this weekend's Desert Point offering was something else – enormous. Regular chargers Bruno Santos, Ian Cosenza and Eddie Blackwell were camped out for the XL swell, joined by underground madmen like Gabriel Pastori, Leandro Keese, Joaquin Del Castillo and Stanley Cieslik, while France's Michelle des Bouillons, on her first visit to Desert Point, put on a star turn in the heaving conditions.
Thankfully for us, legendary Australian surf cinematographer Peter Baker was posted up at Bangko-Bangko Beach to shoot, and later edit, the incredible video at the top of the page, while gun photographer Pepe Romo was on hand to provide the stunning stills above.
Like what you see? Peter Baker and Michelle des Bouillons are currently working on another project together – featuring more heavy waves and a different desert – that we can't wait to bring you shortly. Stay tuned!