Stellar OM Source

Synthstress Stellar OM Source to play three-city tour in India

© Labadie Vantour

The classically trained musician will bring her analogue, hardware-based, highly danceable music to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Synthstress Stellar OM Source, known for her trademark lush and synth-heavy evocative productions will tour India for three shows this month, including a special session in Mumbai for the 23rd International Synth Day.

A classically trained musician, Stellar OM Source (known as Christelle Gualdi when not making music) studied music theory and turned to making experimental electronic music in the early 2000s. While her early work was characterised by free, vibrant synth play, her most recent productions are more structured and beat-driven, making highly danceable music that is firmly in the techno terrain.

Although this will be her first time performing in the country, she is no stranger to India having spent time learning hatha yoga here. Spirituality is central to her identity as a musician – her artist name is inspired in part by the pathway to higher consciousness and cosmos via one’s own voice and refers to clubs being places of ‘some kind of spiritual gathering’.

Christelle is also one of the few musicians to have played alongside Indian producer and proclaimed father of acid house, Charanjit Singh in 2012 and is keen to interact with Indian electronic music fans and artists. “Most of what I do is to reach people, coming in a state of exchange. This trip to India is such an incredible chance to bring my experience, knowledge and learn from people having similar interests,” she says. “I am definitely curious about how Indians approach the electronic music today. I’m only aware of Charanjit Singh (RIP) with whom I played in Antwerp, so I’m very eager to know more, hear exciting music and make great discoveries as well as open some doors for people,” she adds.

She will tour India for three shows in May, visiting Mumbai (May 23-24), Hyderabad (May 26) and Bangalore (May 27). She will also hold a workshop on International Synthesizer Day for local synth nerds on May 23 at True School of Music, Mumbai. The day’s programme also features a Geardo meetup and jam with other synth enthusiasts. You can RSVP to the workshops here.

Check out the tour details below

May 24, Thursday: United Machines (live), Monophonik (live) and Stellar OM Source (live) at Pistorela, Mumbai. For more information, check out the Facebook page here and make sure to RSVP here. 

May 26, Saturday: Tasnneem, Murthovic (live) and Stellar OM Source (live) at Tabula Rasa, Hyderabad. For more information, check out the Facebook page here

May 27, Sunday: Messier 31 aka SOULSPACE, Axo, Alina and Stellar OM Source (live) at Kitty Ko, Bangalore. For more information, check out the Facebook page here