Stupid Reasons Why Games Are Banned

Dragon Age: Inquisition is banned in for having a gay protagonist.
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Stupid Reasons Why Games Are Banned
Stupid Reasons Why Games Are Banned
If you haven’t heard already, Dragon Age: Inquisition’s ban in India for containing homosexuality has made it to Internet-front page…Well, India and Pakistan and Bangladesh. EA cancelled all the pre-orders and promised a full refund without really commenting on the laws that were being breached. Though the first two releases of the series are still being sold at Indian markets, the third one is clearly not welcome because Dorian is too controversial a gay lead, doing too many gay sex scenes for cultural comfort. It’s not completely shocking though – India has never really adjusted to Homosexuality, even by law. Except once in 2009, the Delhi High Court ruled that the existing legislation to be unconstitutional, but recently in 2013 the ruling was turned over on the backside by the Supreme Court of India making homosexual intercourse illegal in India, once again.
This isn’t the first time that a game has been banned in India, but the last time it happened, it was one of the most baffling reasons. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas never made it to India because Bethesda didn’t want to offend India sensibilities with the games’ portrayal of cows. Cows. Apparently, the cows are mutated, two-headed creatures called Brahmins. Ouch. Indians in the house might understand, but like most reasons that require games to be banned, this was one of the least expected.
Or so we think. There are games all over the world that have been banned for the stupidest reasons (*Subject to what you or your country’s government thinks is stupid), but this list really pushes it. Read on:
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora of Tomorrow: The games features a fictional terrorist group called the Dera Dan Doa that translates to Blood and Prayer in English. Sensible or not, the Indonesian Prime Minister thought the game was a direct threat to him and his country and had the game banned immediately.
Saints Row 4: It’s not just the Asians getting massively offended worldwide, but this time, Australia joined the club. Saints Row 4 got banned in Australia because it has a weapon called the Alien Anal Probe. Why? Because it obviously promotes sexual violence!
GTA San Andreas: It’s questionable why this game hasn’t already popped up in the list, but check this out. Indonesia (again) doesn’t want the game floating around it’s markets because the main protagonist C.J’s little venture into Hot Coffee mod, was plain offensive. The graphic violence, torture, guns and theft? All okay.
Football Manager 2005: Well, this isn’t a gun game or a sex game or game that has mutated cows, so what could go wrong? Well, the game recognises Tibet as an independent nation – and that’s one heck of a crime, even if it’s in a digital fictional sporting event. The game is hence banned. By whom? The Chinese of course.
Pokemon: Trading Card Game: This one is just, plain, WTF. This game was banned in Saudi Arabia because the cards apparently promoted Zionism. The Mufti, or the highest religious authority in the state, the cards have symbols that are similar to the Star of David and Israel’s national emblem. Hence, there shall be no such secret, religious, video gaming propaganda. BANNED!
Rapelay: This game was, for all the right reasons banned in several countries, because it one of the sickest games in history. The gamer’s mission is to stalk a mother and rape a mother and her two daughters. In Argentina however, the main concern was that one of the daughters seemed to be underage. If this hasn’t hit you yet, we don’t know what will.
God of War: Again, WTF. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want lesser substances in life such as video games to contain the supreme word ‘God’ in it. Not only is it banned there, but it’s considered a blasphemy SO bad, that if the developers of the game dare to step into their land, there will be a massacre. Permanent ban, seriously.
EA Sports: MMA: Obviously, EA is suffering some losses, but this happened a while ago. This game was banned in the Denmark, not because of the bloody, face breaking violence, but because it marketed Energy drinks that against Danish Law.
We guess nothing will ever beat the cows.