One of the most logic-defying shots of The Right ever captured...
© Ren McGann

The Right... like you've never seen before

Totally unsurfable, this beast came alive from the depths of the ocean.
Written by Mimi LaMontagne
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Last week one of the largest swells to roll through the Indian Ocean swept the coast of Western and South Australia, bringing the biggest waves on the coastline to life. The Right was one of those waves, and it roared out of its slumber in a big way. In fact, this could be the biggest it’s ever been captured. Let our photographer on the ground, Ren McGann, tell the story…
“So the trip to chase this swell started by heading down the night before it hit, with the forecast set for 8m and strong winds. We were pretty excited but a little nervous – everyone we spoke to said they’d never seen it in conditions like this. We camped up that night in the car park but hardly slept, as the wind was so strong and buffeting.

Scroll through the best images from what could be the biggest day ever captured at The Right, Western Australia...

“When we woke up it seemed like the wind had backed out so we were pretty pumped up. We chucked the ski in the water and waited for Ben Rufus to arrive so we could head out together.
“The winds seemed pretty light on the inlet but when we got out into the ocean it was kind of the opposite. Super raw ocean, massive swell lines, huge chop… it was a bumpy ride out.
“Once we arrived, I pulled out my camera and tried to settle in to start shooting, which usually takes me a little while out at The Right – you’ve got to take your time and get a feel for the ocean and the wave. During those few minutes of silence it really hit me how big it was.
“It’s really hard to gauge size at The Right when no one is surfing. We were trying to figure out how big it was when a few sets rolled through – we saw the reef go dry on a few of them we had to laugh. I mean, holy shit it was solid. It was completely unsurfable.
“We stayed out for a few hours just taking it all in, trying to dodge sets. The swell was so big it was breaking out past where the boys usually sit to tow in, and the wind started to get stronger and stronger.
“It was amazing to see it at that size but don't think ill be heading out in those types of conditions again – it was super sketchy and the potential for things to go south, quickly, is pretty high. You put a lot of faith in your ski and your friends when it’s like that.”