Menace Beach deliver a crunching alt-rock mix

Johnny Marr’s new favourites make us a mix and tell us about the guitar intros that guide them.
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Leeds' indie rock band Menace Beach
Leeds' indie rock band Menace Beach
Leeds, UK, is where it's at right now for fans of loud and messy alt-rock. Domino Records' Hookworms, ferocious rockers Pulled Apart By Horses and Late Show performers Eagullsall hail from the northern city. The latest band to emerge from Leeds is Menace Beach, formed by Ryan Needham and Liza Violet in 2012 and now a sort of supercollective regularly featuring Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin), Matt Spalding (You Animals), MJ (Hookworms) and others.
"I guess we started off as a two-piece with helpers," says Ryan, "but it's totally becoming more super. Me and Liza wrote a bunch of songs and we went into the studio with some pals, like, let's hang out, eat pizza, get wired, make a record. We'll always let people come and play if they want to because the less I have to do on stage, the better."
The band, whose debut album Ratworld came out earlier this year, have just released their brand-new Super Transporterreum EP, which continues to lay bare the band's obsession with US college rock and Guided By Voices.
"I discovered Bee Thousand, read a book about Guided By Voices, and got my first guitar all at the same time, so it was perfect to be in a space where there was value in spirit and imperfection and character," explains Ryan. "It made me totally open to writing as much of a song as I could and recording it and thinking, 'Cool that's a song, I'll write another.' It was a revelation after being in bands were songs would take months of faffing."
Johnny Marr is already a Menace Beach fan, so maybe Robert Pollard will be next. For now, though, grab their new EP, listen to an exclusive mix of their pals' music and find out, below, about the attention-grabbing guitar intros that inspire Ryan.
Pond – Giant Tortoise We saw these at the End Of The Road festival a couple of weeks ago and they were really incredible. The riff in this is megalodonic.
Speedy Ortiz – American HorrorSpeedy Ortiz are just insanely great at intros. Anything off the Real Hair record would be on this list but I love this song and it reminds me of a pal I haven't seen for ages.
Thee Oh Sees – Penetrating EyeIt's not solely guitar, but the synth bit in the intro makes me think of a '70s cop show.
Built To Spill – Centre Of The UniverseI got into Built To Spill after MJ said we sounded a bit like them. It's great when that happens because it means you'll probably like it, if you like the music you make.
Steely Dan – Reelin' In The YearsIt's hard to go wrong with a guitar solo doing the vocal melody for an intro. I first heard this on a Steve Coogan sitcom called Saxondale and instantly searched it out. It's such a great song. I found out they were music college students though, so that kind of ruins it a bit for me.
Liza and Ryan from Menace Beach
Liza and Ryan from Menace Beach
Menace Beach are on Facebook.
Super Transporterreum is out now. Buy it here.
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