B-girl AT on her 100 day journey to learn popping is pictured by the waterside listening to music through headphones.

Watch AT's waves after 3 weeks of practice

© Maarit Halonen

After drilling the basic techniques and her footwork in the last two weeks, AT is out there working on her waves. Read her report and watch her dance in the latest instalment of 100 Days of Popping.

After 23 days of popping, practise has started to feel very good! It's finally felt easier to relax to dance with the drilled techniques and play a little bit with them. I can say that I achieved my goal for the past week of avoiding overthinking and just dancing with the feeling that I already got this. Instead of using the learned techniques as moves, I’ve tried to approach them as concepts that you can freestyle with and find new ways to use them yourself.
Here's some footage of me practicing a style called waving:
Nevertheless the tempo of my freestyle dance has been very slow and chilled. With breaking I’m used to dancing with fast music and with more explosive energy, but now with popping everything that I do just starts to look messy if I get too hyped. So, I’ve still kept the movement very small and focused on trying to find more flow into it. Hopefully I can soon start growing the moves bigger and bigger and add more energy too. One of my friends said that in popping the goal is that from time to time it looks like the energy in your body is just about to blow up, but it won't, and you still keep the tension inside of you during the whole round. And that’s the magic effect!
So quality over quantity has been the key theme now. And that's been one of the leading ideologies in my breaking too. The more years I’ve been dancing the more value I’ve given to this and I believe it's been the biggest help for my flow as well. Trying to bring fake hype to your dance just makes it look unnatural and forced. When we dance the goal is to find the fire from being one with the music and that’s the beautiful thing in dancing. But if you’re trying to force it and look like you’re hyped and on fire without really feeling it that doesn't make sense for me. When you’re on the dance floor you should represent yourself, your history and your values. Our jams are not some kind of costume parties where you act like something that you’re not.
The past few days I’ve focused on practising more continues, flowing styles and movements, and that's brought a lot of peacefulness to my sessions. You can just let the movement flow until you want to change it to another kind of feeling. Peacefulness has increased awareness of what I’m doing and what I need to do to get better. That has also boosted my motivation to practise. It’s easier to start training when you know what you need to work on.
Practise continues with a lot of motivation now that my flu has gone. Stay tuned!