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5 Spotify playlists to get you in the zone

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These socent-themed playlists provide the perfect tracks to get you in the mood, whether you're looking for inspiration, or simply want some tunes to cheer yourself up.

Music has an incredible effect on mood, with the ability to rouse and motivate – or cheer you up when you’re feeling down.
No matter what business your social enterprise is in, there are times when you’ll just need to get your head down, shut out the world around you and power through your 'to do' list, and sometimes you need the right playlist to keep you going.
Whether it’s inspiration you’re looking for or something cheery on a miserable day, we’ve got the ideal socent-themed playlists for any occasion below.

#Socent songs

When’s it for?
Gearing up for a big pitch
Start with:
John Lennon, Imagine
#Socent Songs is a playlist from the creators of the Changemakers podcast, and it’s difficult to imagine a better all-round playlist for your social enterprise. Even before we’d made our way down the entire playlist, we already had Lennon’s brilliant Imagine blaring out, and with other hits including Otis Redding’s Stand By Me, Eric Clapton’s Change the World and Aretha Franklin’s Respect, it’s a great way to kick off your day. That the playlist has been curated specifically for people working in social good by others doing the same is an added incentive to spur you on – you're not alone.

NME’s 50 most uplifting songs ever

When’s it for?
When you need cheering up
Start with:
ELO, Mr Blue Sky
Every social enterprise will suffer a setback – that’s just business. The challenge is to learn from your mistakes, but that knowledge seldom makes a blow better at the time. What you need instead is an aural injection of the perkiest pop songs around, and who better to select them for you than the tastemakers at legendary music outlet NME?
The NME’s 50 Most Uplifting Songs Ever playlist is the perfect collection of tunes for when your mood is low and you’re looking towards music for a confidence boost. There are songs from across the decades, and kicking off with ELO’s Mr Blue Sky is a great introduction into the playlist, leading on to a smash hit – fitting for any socent – from David Bowie in the form of Heroes. It’s difficult to be miserable with The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love blasting out, and other notable tracks include The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations and Blink 182’s All The Small Things.

Rainy day

When’s it for?
A rainy day
Start with:
Andrew Combs, Dirty Rain
You can’t just listen to motivational tracks on a loop of course. Sometimes the BPMs just need to take a timeout; you want something calmer, and these dreamy tracks are the ideal alternatives. Whether you’re looking for background music or something that’s simply more laid back, they’re the perfect songs to listen to when the rain is hammering on your windows, or that pile of accounts you need to wade through is giving you Seasonal Affective Disorder all by itself.
Andrew Combs’ Dirty Rain is a good a place to start the playlist, which is quickly followed by the beautiful Standing in the Rain by The Paper Kites. We also love Iron & Wine’s Each Coming Night, with a live version of Band of Horses’ No One’s Gonna Love You our particular highlight. This playlist may not be full of international superhits like the NME’s offering, but sometimes you just need something relaxing on in the background while you sort out your inventory or work on building your social enterprise’s social media profile.

Feel good, do good

When’s it for?
When you want to be more productive
Start with:
George Ezra, Budapest
Stuck for inspiration? This playlist designed specifically for non-profits is a brilliantly eclectic mix of tunes that’s perfect for increasing productivity, mixing motivational cheese classics like Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves with retro, jazzier numbers like Come and Get Your Love by Redbone, as well as much more modern pop with fitting titles (Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club, anyone?). While you may not automatically recognise all the songs on this playlist, you certainly won’t be bored, and it’s very much a feel good collection of tunes capable of captivating and entertaining.

Music for concentration

When’s it for?
When you’re struggling to tick off your admin tasks
Start with:
Charles Bolt, Far and Beyond
It’s all too easy to spend hours and hours listening to the tracks in the playlists above, but music that demands all your attention and has you wailing along at the top of your voice is no good when you need to buckle down and concentrate, especially on the essential tasks required of any business. That’s where this playlist comes in, offering captivating piano performances without the distraction of words or infectious hooks that play on your mind for the rest of the day. It doesn’t really matter where you begin on this playlist – every song on it is perfect as background music – but we found Charles Bolt’s Far and Beyond the ideal starter.