Abraham "Abramz" Tekya founder of Breakdance Project Uganda and principal in the documentary Bouncing Cats.

View these 6 documentaries to understand what breaking's all about

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Breaking, also known as breakdance, is a dance phenomenon somewhere between art and sports. Here's a list of 6 documentaries guaranteed to satisfy your interest in learning more about it.

Since its early beginnings, the history, culture, art form and power of breaking have been recorded in a number of documentaries. Whether you're a hardcore B-boy or B-girl who wants to widen their knowledge, a beginner wanting to learn about the dance and culture, or a dance lover interested in knowing more, there's a documentary out there for you.

1. The Freshest Kids: A History of the B-boy

If you want to learn the pure, real, gritty history of breaking, then this documentary is the perfect one for you. Released in 2002, The Freshest Kids gives all the history of why breaking came about, how it evolved from hip-hop culture, and how it has inspired so many people all over the world since its birth. All this is given through interviews with pioneers and legends from the scene, such as Crazy Legs, Mr Wiggles, Ken Swift and the legendary 'Man with a Thousand Moves,' B-boy Spy.

2. Inside the Circle

For those looking for a more personal story with perspectives from younger breakers, Inside the Circle follows the real lives of three B-boys in Austin, Texas.

B-boy Josh (later internationally known as B-boy Milky): A rebellious kid who is failing school and constantly getting into trouble with the police.

B-boy Omar: The first ever Red Bull BC One champion, but years before this he was one of the top up-and-coming B-boys in Texas, Josh's close friend and crew member.

And promoter B-boy Romero, who is willing to go broke for his competition, B-boy City, if it helps bring up and inspire the next generation of breakers.

This documentary is an honest and real look into the true lives of three B-boys, their crews, the competitions that they enter and put on, and the reality behind the struggles of trying to balance life and love for breaking.

3. Turn it loose

For Red Bull BC One World Final fans, this documentary was made around the 2007 Red Bull BC One World Finals that took place in South Africa. It takes a more in-depth look into the lives of six of the B-boys getting ready to compete at that year's world finals: Roxrite, Lilou, Taisuke, Hong 10, Ronnie and Ben'J. Each B-boy reveals to the camera the story of their lives as they get ready to battle it out with the other ten world finalists.

Talking about the struggles they have faced in and outside of breaking, and how the dance itself helped to changed their lives in a positive way, we find out why competing at the world finals is important to each them and then get to watch as the competition goes down.

4. Planet B-Boy

If you want a documentary that shows breakers from all over the world competing at a major competition, then check out Planet B-Boy, which focuses on the longest running event on the breaking scene: Battle of the Year. Travelling around the globe to interview breakers from all over the planet, it looks at how breaking has spread from America to dozens of other countries and reveals how each country brings its style to the dance.

 It also explores the obstacles breakers in different countries have to face to be able to dance, and then hits you with the 2005 Battle of the Year event, following the competitors to see which country gets the win.

5. Bouncing Cats

If you want an inspiring story that isn't focused on competitions or history but instead looks at how breaking has the power to bring hope to many around the world, then look no further than Bouncing Cats.

Set in Uganda, this documentary follows Ugandan B-boy Abraham "Abramz" Tekya and Breakdance Project Uganda. Featuring Rocky Steady crew's B-boy Crazy Legs who travels to Uganda to teach the kids, this documentary follows Abraham's efforts to empower Ugandan kids living in poor and dangerous conditions. It shows how breaking has spread to all corners of the world, and the inspiration it brings to communities and youths with very little.

6. B-Boy for Life

And lastly, if you want something truly intense to keep you on the edge of your seat, B-Boy for Life will definitely give it to you. Following the lives of Poker crew members, B-boys Cheez and Gato, and mother and B-girl, Leidy, the three live in the ghettos of Guatemala City and literally put their lives on the line to break, having to deal with the violent gangs around them.

This documentary shows how breaking brings individuals together as a family, inspiring them and others to step away from the gangs and violence for the peace and freedom they find in the street born dance.

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