Minecraft’s most majestic creations

These cubic creations are on another scale entirely and left us speechless.
Written by Adam Cook
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A screenshot of a man on a horse in Minecraft
Your imagination is the only limit
Now available on every platform we can think of, from Xbox One to Android tablets, Minecraft is a force of nature. People still play it at every opportunity afforded to them, whether playing the hundreds of mods out there on PC or just the vanilla version, as they collect more diamonds to make that glorious armour.
But there are some players who go beyond the call of duty to make creations that beggar belief. These are the hardest of the hardcore, going out of their way to finish projects that most of us would never even conceive of, let alone attempt. These are the majestic creations of Minecraft.

The Eiffel Tower

Starting out fairly simply (by Minecraft standards), this is an example of some of the most dedicated and painstaking Minecraft architecture efforts out there. Being huge, but also angular, means it will have taken an absolute age to place a block, move slightly away from that block and upwards, and repeat countless times. This one gets extra points for the attention to detail around the tower itself, as well as the cool little viewpoints that are included.

King’s Landing

This is beyond amazing
This is beyond amazing
At some point, the creators of this one probably thought, 'It'll be fine, this won't be that hard', but, well, this is astonishing. This project is so large and complicated, that you have to apply to be part of the build team, and it's no surprise, because the work gone into creating the most iconic city in Game of Thrones is scary. Even if you're not a fan of the show, it's highly likely you've seen pictures, or have some awareness of what this is. This is a project that's beyond impressive in its scope.

Mirror’s Edge

The free running video game Mirror's Edge recreated in Minecraft
Almost looks like the real thing
We all waited years for the sequel to Faith's glorious first person freerunning game, but it turns out people were already remaking it in Minecraft. What's so impressive about this is that the game world of Mirror's Edge lends itself to the tools of Minecraft, with the sharp, clean edges. You could almost mistake the screenshots for real Mirror's Edge ones.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Something sometimes forgotten in the arms race to make the most amazing clone of a real life building is that Minecraft should be about creativity. This player has rebuilt Sonic the Hedgehog within the game, and the video above shows it in action. Hell, it might be better than most recent Sonic games.

The Candy Kingdom

What makes this creation so impressive is that it's running on the pocket (mobile) version of Minecraft. Originally created on PC and ported down to pocket edition, the love for both Minecraft and Adventure Time is on show for all to see, here, as the creator has nailed the colours, and even the look of the cotton candy trees.


It's a wonder that Disney haven't somehow taken these recreations down yet, but remaking the beloved, world famous park in Minecraft doesn't cause it to lose any of the magic it's known for. Nowadays Minecraft has so many skin packs that it means, even if modding or a download is required, you can run around in your own personal Disneyland, and that's kind of cool.

Minas Tirith

As if to not be outdone, user Fishyyy has recreated the city from Lord of the Rings. The creator has also put the stats out there of how long it took to build, which are almost as impressive as the build itself, standing at 22 hours and 20 minutes, and using "about 6 million" blocks. You have to admire the amount of detail on show, and you can't help but be wowed by the enormity of this project that, while not quite as ambitious in scale as the Game of Thrones creation, is just as impressive, due to it being made by one person.


The reason this stands out to us is simple: despite the fact we love BioShock and this is a fantastic recreation of that first game's beloved city, it's actually been crafted underwater. While it wouldn't be easy, per say, to create a city from scratch above ground, putting it underwater elevates it from showpiece to passion project.


Yep, planet Earth. When all's said and done, all of the creations we've mentioned are incredible. They take time, passion, and just a lot of love. But LetsLente has created a 1:1,500 scale version of the very planet we live on. Sure, it's not going to have the minor detailing like the rest of these, but the fact there's a map out there is amazing.
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