After skiing K2, Yawash Sar II is another first for the unstoppable Bargiel
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Unclimbed ascent and ski down? See Andrzej Bargiel at work in the Karakoram

K2 conqueror Andrzej Bargiel became the first person to climb 6,178m Yawash Sar II peak before skiing down. Watch the full story in this new documentary.
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Andrzej Bargiel and the members of his Karakoram Ski Expedition team don't waste any time. As soon as they reached the slopes of the 6,178m Yawash Sar II high in Pakistan's towering mountain range, they immediately started out to reach the summit of the previously unconquered peak.
Now you can watch the full story of this incredible feat in Doo Sar: A Karakoram ski expedition film, in the player below.
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Doo Sar: A Karakoram Ski Expedition film
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Bargiel and partner Jędrzej Baranowski spent a night in base camp at an altitude of 5,100m, from where Bargiel led a successful summit attack, becoming the first to conquer Yawash Sar II's peak. He then descended all the way down to base camp on skis. As you'd expect from the man who made the first descent of the feared K2 on skis, his speed and style on the descent were as impressive as always.
The expedition – consisting of Bargiel, Jędrek Baranowski, Darek Załuski, Kuba Gzela and Bartłomiej Pawlikowski – set off into the Karakoram just 10 days earlier. Initially travelling by plane to Pakistan, they then took a bus from Islamabad along the Karakoram Highway to Gilgit and finally climbed into jeeps to Shimshal – the highest town in the Hunza area – where they started a few days of trekking to the base at Yawash Sar II.
Bargiel and Baranowski left the base on Thursday morning to spend the night in a camp set up around 1,000m below the summit. Bargiel started his ascent at 4am the following morning and, after a few hours of climbing, reached the top. Then it was time to make a rapid descent.
The expedition to Yawash Sar II – located near the border of Pakistan, India and China, in the Hunza area – was prompted by the Polish ski mountaineer Janusz Majer, who together with Jerzy Wala, prepared a study of this summit years earlier.
Ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel pictured on the summit of Yawash Sar II in the Karakoram after making the first-ever ascent.
Yawash Sar II conquered, Bargiel prepares for a perilous ski down
"It would seem that everything on Earth has already been described and everything has been known, but in the mountains of Asia there are places where there's not been a tourist or climber yet," Majer said a few years ago.
Majer is an undisputed authority on places in the high mountains that are still waiting to be discovered and Bargiel was instantly keen to take part in the long-term Sunt Leones project (the name is taken from the Latin 'Hic Sunt Leones' used to denote unknown places on ancient maps).
Ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel pictured in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan.
With Yawash Sar II done, the 6,096m Laila Peak is Bargiel's next target
UPDATE: Yesterday (10/05/2021), Andrzej Bargiel, together with Jędrek Baranowski, climbed the Laila Peak peak (6,096m above sea level) located in the Hushe Valley in the Karakoram and skied down the mountain together.
At 2.30 am local time, the team set off to the forward base, from where around 4.30 am, the summit attack began. There was about 1,800 meters elevation gain ahead of them. They reached the summit around 1.00 pm local time. They had to leave ski equipment below the summit, because of difficult conditions, so they couldn't make ski descent from the top but skied down from 150 meters below the top. The ski descent took about 2 hours 30 minutes.
This is the second peak to be reached and skied down according to the KARAKORAM SKI EXPEDITION plan.
Watch the full story of this incredible feat in Doo Sar: A Karakoram ski expedition film, in the player at the top of the page, then find out more about Bargiel's incredible first ski descent of K2 in the video below:
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K2: The Impossible Descent
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