Trial Biking

Danny MacAskill

"It’s better than sitting watching TV"

Facts & Stats

  • Date of birth
    23 December 1985
  • Place of birth
    Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Nationality
    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Career start
  • Discipline
    • Trialbiking



Scottish street trials star Danny MacAskill is riding a wave of popularity for two-wheeled tricks. Check out his viral videos now.

Danny MacAskill was born and raised in the town of Dunvegan, on the Isle of Skye, in Scotland. Everything changed for him on April 19, 2009, when he uploaded a street trials video to YouTube. The five-and-a-half-minute video was filmed and directed by his flatmate, Dave Sowerby, and featured MacAskill performing a series of bike stunts that went on to stun the world. Before long the video had garnered hundreds of thousands of views and it was clear that the then-23-year-old's life would never be the same.

Since then the video has amassed more than 35 million views and MacAskill has been riding a wave of popularity for his stunts. He was featured in the New York Times, has performed stuntman duties in Hollywood movies, appeared in TV commercials and received a nomination for Action Sportsperson of the Year at the Laureus World Sports Awards.

His rise to fame saw him give up his job as a bicycle mechanic to focus on riding his bike. He’s constantly working on new projects and his filmography resembles a compilation of viral videos that showcase his mind-boggling talent for trials riding.

MacAskill has filmed everywhere from Argentina and the USA to the Canary Islands and various spots all over his home nation. Standout productions include 2019's Way Back Home, which shows him riding in Scotland while showing off his two-wheeled skill, and 2020's Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium in which he does tricks with his bike on gym equipment.

We can’t wait to see what he gets up to next.