The Brazilian winner of Red Bull Doodle Art 2017, Alef Vernon, seen at São Paulo, Brazil on June 6, 2017
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Benefits of doodling: 7 reasons why it's good for you

The simple act of drawing doodles can benefit your creativity, your state of mind and more. With a new edition of Red Bull Doodle Art underway, there’s no better time to put pen to paper.
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Think that doodling is just a way to pass the time? Think again. Studies and research are proving that this timeless art form can contribute to our well-being in a variety of ways.
If you feel the urge to doodle, the latest edition of Red Bull Doodle Art is your chance to express yourself. And your creation could take you all the way to the World Final in Amsterdam.
Detail of the Brazilian winner of Red Bull Doodle Art 2017, Alef Vernon, seen at Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 6, 2017

Doodling is an anytime, anywhere activity with numerous benefits

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Here are just a few reasons why we humans love to doodle, and why it’s so good for us:

Doodling is accessible

If you’re wondering how to start doodling, you don’t need fancy supplies or special equipment. The only resources necessary are pen and paper. And you don’t have to connect to anything except your imagination.

Doodling brings out your inner child

Remember those days when your imagination ruled? When you felt free to be spontaneous and playful and immerse yourself in your own creativity? Doodling taps into those feelings and sparks your ingenuity.
Participant performs in the Global VR Doodle Art Gallery at Red Bull Station in São Paulo, Brazil on October 28, 2017.

In any format, the fun and freedom of doodling can kindle your creativity

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Doodling relieves stress

Doodling can provide a respite from the things that are stressing you. Letting your mind wander through doodling is a way to break negative thought patterns, and getting creative is believed to calm the part of the brain linked to anxiety.

Doodling is a way to let it all out

Need to get something off your chest but can’t find the words? A university study in California found that people can use doodles to express their emotions. It’s another way to tell your story.
Artists working on their doodles.

Doodles can be an outlet for self-expression



Doodling is an idea generator

Have you ever focused hard on coming up with an idea or solution, only to find yourself blocked? Try doodling to free your mind. While your thoughts wander, you’re stimulating your creativity, and your subconscious is doing its thing. When you return to your problem later on, you may be surprised at the fresh ideas that suddenly surface.

Doodling improves memory

It may sound counterintuitive, but studies have found that people who doodled while listening to a lecture or even a telephone message were able to retain more information. Why? One theory is that the act of doodling actually keeps our brains engaged when we otherwise might tune out completely. It can even keep us awake when we're bored.

Doodling builds artistry

Wondering how to get better at doodling – or art in general? The repetition of creating freehand designs, even with basic shapes, teaches your muscles and your brain, gradually building your skills. And established artists in other mediums sometimes use doodles to kickstart their inspiration. No matter who you are, doodling is key to bringing out the artist inside.
Red Bull Doodle Art invites you to use your imagination and share your doodling skills with the world. You can learn more about doodles and find out how to submit yours here.

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