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The 7 most bingeworthy breaking films and shows

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Looking for the best breaking films and shows to get into the mood for your next practice session or battle? Look no further. These are the flicks you don't want to miss in 2021.
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Since its inception in the '70s, breaking has inspired and excited people of all ages, from all walks of life, all around the world. Also sometimes known as 'breakdance' by the less-than-informed mainstream press, it's never less than thrilling to watch B-Girls and B-Boys in full flow. With so many films and shows dedicated to the culture over the years, we've picked out a few of our favourites.
Here's our selection of breaking films and shows to check out next time you need a fix:

1. The Crew Code

The crew is at the centre of a breaker's life. It gives you a bunch of friends and colleagues to practise, compete and grow alongside. For many, the crew becomes a second family.
RoxRite and Lilou introduce us to some of the legendary crews that built their reputation by ruling dancefloors all over the world. Take a look at the Renegade Rockers episode below or check out the whole The Crew Code show on Red Bull TV.
Dance · 12 min
Renegade Rockers

2. Bouncing Cats

This documentary follows B-Boy Abraham 'Abramz' Tekya and Breakdance Project Uganda. Find out about the efforts to empower local children living in poor and dangerous conditions. It shows how breaking has spread to all corners of the world and the inspiration it brings to communities and young people who have very little.
Dance · 1 h 11 min
Bouncing Cats

3. Rise of the B-Girls

Rise of the B-Girls gives us a glimpse into the lives of a generation of B-Girls that took women to centre stage in the breaking community. Find about their dance, their challenges and how they elevate the game to empower themselves and future generations.
Dance · 7 min
B-Girl Ami's story

4. Shake the Dust

Shake the Dust takes a deep dive into some of the most economically-deprived dance communities in the world. Producer Nas shows how the dance gives people hope and uplifts the youth, despite the many challenges they face in life. It's a beautiful display of the transformative power of breaking.
Dance · 1 min
Shake the Dust

5. Route to Red Bull BC One

Follow selected Red Bull BC One Cypher champs on their way to the Red Bull BC One World Final. How do they prepare physically and emotionally and what runs through their head as they approach one of the biggest stages breaking has to offer? Find all the answers in Route to Red Bull BC One on Red Bull TV.
Dance · 6 min

6. ABC of... Breaking

If you want to brush up on your knowledge of the breaking dance style itself, the ABC of... Breaking is for you. It breaks down the style, the terminology and a brief history of its origins within the hip-hop scene. If you dig this one, follow up with the ABC of... Red Bull BC One.
Dance · 25 min
ABC of... Breaking

7. Footwork and Fugues

Flying Steps, who are based in Germany but operate worldwide, are known for their mind-bending shows and dance pieces. Footwork and Fugues accompanies them during the process of creating and performing Flying Bach – a piece where breaking meets classical piano music.
If you appreciate their work, you can also check out Follow the Steps.
Dance · 52 min
Footwork and Fugues
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