Photographer Zak Noyle swims underwater in Hawaii.

See Zak Noyle spend a wild winter Chasing The Shot

© Ben Thouard

Come spend a season in the life of Zak Noyle, a young Hawaiian photographer atop the North Shore totem.

Zak Noyle is a 32-year-old photographer from Honolulu, Hawaii who slowly but surely has climbed the North Shore photography ladder, and these days finds that his work is some of the most highly sought-after in surfing. The son of legendary sharp shooter Ric Noyle, Zak grew up with a love of the ocean and cameras close at hand. A competitive swimmer at school, it seemed only a matter of time before Zak combined his various talents and passions, and sure enough a formidable photography career was born soon after.

Before the northern winter of 2016-17, filmmaker and adventure guy Ryan Moss came to us keen to track Noyle throughout the North Shore season. He'd be filming anyway for his numerous clients, and keeping tabs on Noyle and linking up for the occasional interview would be easily taken care of. We were sold on the idea from the start, and our latest instalment of Chasing The Shot was born. The project would be little different to our previous forays to Chile, New Zealand and Norway, but in no way would that be a bad thing.

When November rolled around Noyle and Moss did as they'd promised and covered the season as well as anyone, while teaming up to bring the video above to life. It wasn't the craziest North Shore winter, but as always there were incredible moments aplenty, and when the swell got serious our team were in front and centre to bring us the pick of the action.

We love this edit on many different levels. While the surfers are the stars on the Seven Mile Miracle, it's nice to shine the spotlight elsewhere occasionally. There's no shortage of incredible contributors across the surfing spectrum. In Noyle and Moss we're showcasing a pair of talented high-achievers who are as obsessed with the ocean and their craft as any of the pro athletes who touch down at Honolulu International Airport every year with a coffin full of boards, and a head full of hopes and dreams. Hit play and soak up some of the Pacific's best pixels now, we sure hope you enjoy it.