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The best Clash Royale decks for Arena 4, 5 and 6

These decks are the perfect way to move from the lower arenas up to the higher echelons where the top players like to mingle.
Written by Mike Stubbs
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So you’ve made your way through Arena One, Two and Three, but now the decks that got you through the early stage are starting to dry up. These players are wise to the hut spam, or giant pushes and have decks designed to counter them. In other words, you're stuck in the low levels of arena four until you come up with some fresh new deck ideas.
But when you go to build that deck you notice loads of new cards that you previously ignored while crushing people with your all-in balloon deck – because if you’re winning who needs to look at other options? Some of these cards look awesome, but getting them to synergise with other cards, in a way that's difficult to counter, is no easy task and at this level you can’t really have a deck that's reliant on just one style of play. Going all in with one push strat just isn’t going to work often enough to grind out those wins.
Fortunately for you, we’ve already dealt with all of those pesky foes in arena four, five and six and have lived to tell the tale. It took quite a bit of work, but eventually we made it out alive with a few great decks to share with you. Bear in mind that the meta is always changing, so these decks may need a little tinkering with, but for the most part these will do you right.

The modified bait deck: Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, Knight, Minions, Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower, Rocket, Zap

If you’ve played Clash Royale at any level over the last few months you’ll probably have come across some variation of this deck, as everyone seems to be using it. The trick is to do so with finesse. Typically, it’s seen at a slightly higher level with Princesses and Goblin Gangs allowing it to really excel, but with those cards being unavailable to most in the lower arenas, some modification is needed.
The ideal way of playing this is to figure out what spell cards (Arrows, Zap, Rocket and so on) your opponent is using early on, and then try to bait it out. While negative elixir trades are never ideal, for this deck dropping a Skeleton Army or Minions to try and bait out a spell such as Arrows is what you want to do. Then once the spell is down you send over a Goblin Barrel, onto your opponent’s tower and watch the damage come in. When time runs low you should be able to send out a Rocket for the win.
The Inferno Tower and Zap should be all you need to hold off any pushes and most of the troops here are solid at dealing with most threats you'll see at this level. Make sure to use the Minions if you come up against a Balloon deck, as your flying damage is limited. If you have The Log then that’s a great addition to this in place of Zap.

The Giant Beatdown: Giant, Witch, Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Minions, Tombstone, Arrows Rocket

The general idea here is a simple Giant push strat, with the Witch and Musketeer for back-up, as the Witch can deal splash damage to large crowds while the Musketeer has pretty high single-target damage. Set your Giant going from the back of your half and you should have enough elixir to have all three on the field, but make sure you only go all in when your opponent is struggling.
Once you master the timings for this three-character push, then you can take it up a level and try to time the push with the expiry of your Tombstone. If you get it right then you can have all three big-value cards and some extra skeletons around for the push. It takes a bit of time to master, but becomes difficult to stop.
Defence is very limited here, so sometimes dropping the Tombstone in the other lane to slow down a counter push is a solid idea. However that’s fairly easy to counter and better players certainly will. This is certainly a deck for Arena Four and for a while in Five, but once you hit Arena Six then maybe look for an alternative as we struggled to make this work there.
A screenshot of the Giant in Clash Royale.
The Giant Beatdown requires a Giant out in front

The Golem Tank: Wizard, Golem, Barbarians, Minions, Tombstone, Arrows, Zap, Lightning

Once the Giant deck above starts to slow down in Arena Six then this is the perfect switch, as they play fairly similarly. The Golem, which you can only get in Arena Six, effectively replaces the Giant, but has a much higher damage potential, meaning you need less backup to combat it.
Your Minions and Barbarians are your backup damage dealers, along with your Wizard, that can be played offensively or defensively. Get a couple of these behind a Golem hitting the tower and you can be almost certain of taking it. Your spells, apart from Lightning which is better as an offensive clearing tool late in the game a lot of the time, are your main defensive weapons, while the Tombstone is best used to distract and absorb high-damage doers that make it across the river.
Buildings such as Bomb and Inferno Towers are your weakness, but they aren’t all that common in this bracket and, even if they are, you have Minions who can do some solid work to them both.

The Aggro Deck: Prince, Hog Rider, Wizard, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel, Zap

For the aggressive players out there this deck will be perfect, as it relies on you constantly keeping your opponent on the back foot. But if you like to take things a little slower then this might not be for you.
The Aggro Deck gives you plenty of attacking options, with the Baby Dragon being a solid tank and the Hog Rider and Prince being rapid damage options. You're either go all out with a couple of these constantly and hope to take more towers than your opponent, or simply counter-push the lane they don’t.
Defence is where this deck struggles. The Skeleton Army and Minion Horde can do work, but against high-level Goblin Barrel decks, especially if they use Mirror, you can struggle with just Zap. Some like to use Arrows instead, but the mini stun on Zap makes it a little more useful most of the time.
This is solid at most Arenas around this bracket and is pretty easy to edit providing you don’t mess too much with the Prince, Hog Rider and Wizard trio. However, some players really struggle to figure out how to play this well if they're used to big counters and small positive elixir trades.
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