Danny MacAskill Cascadia BTS cover

Is this Danny MacAskill’s scariest jump?

Watch the Scot pluck up the courage to front flip into the ocean for his Cascadia film.

"Why am I scared?" Danny MacAskill asks himself as he teeters on a ramp above Gran Canaria's rocky coastline. Given the fact that he's preparing to front flip over an expanse of sketchy looking rocks into the ocean, we can certainly understand why.

One year on from MacAskill's vertigo-inducing Cascadia film, GoPro have released new behind-the-scenes footage that gives an insight into the mental battles that even the world's best have to contend with.

Watch the video above to see what Danny describes as 40 minutes of horrible run ups in order to build up the courage to fling himself into the ocean and nail his final banger.