Dawid Godziek poses for a portrait during filming the project called Imagination Park in Uppsala, Sweden on July 14, 2016.

5 times Dawid Godziek stomped it on a bike (and 1 epic fail)

© Jan Kasl/Red Bull Content Pool

As Dawid Godziek's just completed a world-first 4X Tailwhip on a mountain bike, we thought we'd remind you of some other times Dawid totally nailed it on a BMX or MTB (and one where he didn't quite).

1. Quadruple Tailwhip at Audi Nines MTB, September 2018

A longtime legend on a BMX, in recent times Dawid Godziek has been pretty happy on the saddle of a mountain bike, like his big brother Szymon, and he used the Audi Nines event in Birkenfeld, Germany to add another world first to his collection on the big wheels. Congrats, Dawid!

2. World-first Twister on a BMX, 2016

Mountain biker Nicholi Rogatkin used a Masters of Dirt event to pioneer the off-axis 1080 trick known as the Twister in spring 2016, and it wasn't long before Godziek landed the world-first of the trick on a BMX, as you can see in the Flair Motion edit below.

3. Tube Check, Warsaw, 2013

I wanted to find something unusualDawid Godziek
Sometimes Godziek just defies gravity, or has a damned good try anyway, as he did in his nation's capital a few years ago. Dawid takes up the story. "I'd already ridden in Warsaw a lot and so was a bit bored of the usual spots," he said. "I wanted to find something unusual, and the construction site for the metro has a lot of obstacles for BMX, including stairs, walls, concrete cradle, and the subway tunnel. It's not like anywhere else here." See the action in the clip below.

4. In Barcelona, 2013

Sick of the icy Polish winter, Godziek went down to Barcelona for some winter sun and gave us this great edit. Never has the sound of footpegs clacking on the ground blended so well with a city's great architecture. And Dawid wasn't done there, then heading to La Poma bike park and nearby Sherwy’s Trails for some further shredding.

5. Field Trippin', 2016

Dawid Godziek pulls a superman trick Field Trippin'.
Sure, this field of crops is picturesque, but where, you might ask, are the kickers? The answer is: who needs to see them? Godziek and Martin Söderström got together in Sweden in 2016 for this incredible edit, filmed in Uppsala. Not only did Godziek get another opportunity to show off his Twister (see our second clip in the list), Söderström posted a couple of world firsts of his own: a 360 Tailwhip Catch Tailwhip and 360 No Hander to Tailwhip.

And one time it all went a bit wrong

At Red Bull Dreamline back in 2014, the jumps were huge and the speeds high. Things got a bit too technical mid-run, and Godziek pulled out when the going got tough. We call this an epic fail only because he fell from our view head-first and wildly waving his arms, and yet walked away smiling. Maybe he was a cat in a previous life.