DreamHack Summer 2014: Five mind-blowing stats

Just how big was this year’s eSports extravaganza? Allow us to break it down for you...
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DreamHack Summer 2014: Five mind-blowing stats
DreamHack Summer 2014: Five mind-blowing stats
DreamHack – digital festival, world's largest LAN party and home to a whole bundle of eSports tournaments. The Summer 2014 event was no exception, with Alliance claiming victory in the Dota 2 tournament, NiP Gaming victorious at the Steelseries CS: GO Championship as well as League of Legends and TaeJa scoring a first place in StarCraft 2. The festival brought in some impressive numbers. Let's take a look at the report and add some context, Red Bull style.

Total number of unique visitors: 21,642

Making for a new Dreamhack Summer record, 21,642 people showed up to Jonkoping, Sweden, for the event – that’s 6,000 more than can fit inside LA’s Staples Center for the League of Legends Finals, and even more than the world’s largest dessert could feed. No, really: the world's largest cake was being created earlier in 2014 to feed around 20,000 people over the Khmer New Year period so perhaps next time DreamHack should contact the chefs responsible about the catering arrangements. It would add a new (and hopefully delicious) record to the DreamHack roster.

Unique devices in the network: 17,618

A DreamHack record, the number of unique devices in the network was accompanied by another record – that of 9,444 participants with their own computer. Given wireless home routers seem to struggle when you hit a dozen connected devices, we've concluded that DreamHack's internet situation is more than 10,000 times better prepared for having large numbers of gaming friends. Oh, and given the presence of 9,444 computers we're assuming there were at least 9,400 copies of Minecraft present at the venue...

Bandwidth usage peak: 21.6 Gbps

With one gigabyte per second translating to 1,024 megabytes per second and one megabyte per second representing 1,024 kilobytes per second, DreamHack Summer's bandwidth usage peaked at approximately 4,655 times what it takes to stream Netflix at maximum quality.
The server racks at DreamHack
The server racks at DreamHack

Total prize money

Split across dollar rewards and Swedish currency (hence the non-round number) the prizes on offer for eSports events came in at a hefty $366,985 for DreamHack Summer 2014. The Dota 2 Dreamleague took care of $250,000 of that thanks to its impressive prize pool. Of the remaining $116,985, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took the lion's share with a $30,000 prize pot, just ahead of League of Legends. Sure, it’s nothing compared to the millions up for grabs at this year’s International, but spread across so many games, it’s an impressive achievement nonetheless.

Data sent out: 285 TB

DreamHack participants managed to send out a staggering 285 terabytes of data at this year's summer event. One study puts the Library of Congress's print collection at about 208 terabytes-worth of data, so the gamers of DreamHack sent out well over 26 million books-worth of information.

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